Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easy-palit with #HuggiesPantsUp

The youngest of our growing family is finally showing how hyper and kulit he really is. At 1 year and 2 months, Jeron (my nephew) is the life our house. He's been going around the house touching things, curious about his surrounding, playing, dancing and for his age- he seems advance in his pediatric milestones! With his hyperness, only Huggies Pants UP can go with this guy. :)

click the link to watch him do his huggies pants up:
Baby Jeron Huggies Pants UP

Friday, August 15, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

Do you have items you used to love but now had been lying around the house and becomes a clutter in your life? You might want to think about giving those preloved items a new home and a new owner to take care and value these items.

So I tried to scour my things for 4 things I wanted to sell. I have so many stuff I want to sell! Sometimes, "nanghihinayang" ako because I barely use these stuff and that I know selling them to someone who can value and use them to their maximum use would give the value of these item become more personal and as they say:"a well-used and well-loved item" run for the money.

So you might ask? Where now can I sell my preloved item?? Well, the best way is to sell them online thru !

It's so easy to use! Just register. Post.  and Sell! That easy!

Wanna see what I am planning to sell? You might want to get these.. :)

1. Double heart Costume jewelry earring (Selling it approx ~ 300pesos)

this piece of jewelry came from the 60's. One of mom's heirloom gifts. Although its not of any value (read: expensive jewelry), Costume jewelries were the raves back then and its coming back in style! Believe me, its a beautiful piece. Imagine wearing it in a party with a black dress on. No need for any other jewelry anymore. :)

2.Pocketbooks and more Pocketbooks! (approx selling from 100-200 pesos)
I don't know anyone who doesn't love the feel of leafing through books! I fell in love with books at an early age. It expanded my horizon and broaden my imaginations thru leaps and bounds. Since my room is almost full to more than a thousand books, I decided to give some of my books their new home. These were really loved. From young adult, romance, historical romance, sci-fi, biographies, travel books. I've read so many books that I think anyone who wanted to give these books a new home will find something here to take home. :)

3. NIKON D40 complete set with 18-5mm lens and 1GB sd card (price to follow)

This one was special. I won it in one raffle draw that I never ever ever had expected! Brand new and fresh out of the box, this Nikon D40 is a good start up camera who wants to shift to SLR camera from their point and shoot camera. Here are it's key features:

Key features

  • 6 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop, as D50)
  • Nikon Image processing engine (as D80 / D200)
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor (as D80 / D50)
  • New Multi-CAM530 three area AF sensor
  • ISO sensitivity range 200 - 1600 plus HI 1 (3200 equiv.)
  • Custom Auto ISO (selectable maximum ISO, minimum shutter speed)
  • 2.5 fps continuous shooting (as D50), unlimited in JPEG
  • No status LCD, new LCD monitor based status / settings screens
  • Help suggestions on LCD monitor (eg. scene too dark, try using flash)
  • Large 2.5" 230,000 pixel LCD monitor
  • Bigger viewfinder view (x0.8 magnification, 95% coverage)
  • Short shutter lag and viewfinder blackout
  • Support for SDHC (SD cards over 2 GB in capacity)
  • In-camera retouching
    • D-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement)
    • Red-eye reduction
    • Trimming
    • Monochrome
    • Filter effects
    • Small picture
    • Image overlay
  • USB 2.0 with PTP and Mass Storage device support
  • Very compact, light body (smaller, lighter than D50)
  • Improved menu user interface (as D80 / D200)
  • New EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion battery (7.2V, 1000 mAh)
  • New 'Version II' AF-S DX 18-55 mm kit lens
4. Michael Kors Chronograph watch ( approx~ 4000pesos)

I love men's watch. Big,bulky, and aesthetically beautiful, men's watch have been part of my watch collection. One piece I'm planning to sell is this Michael Kors Men Chronograph watch I got recently from a friend. It comes with a rubber strap and it's such easy to pair with any outfit! I think this will be a good buy at 4k pesos right? :)

So fancy buying anything from my stash? 

Head on to and check these items now!

Because with OLX.PH, yesssss, yaman!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

#MyAirbnbBucketList Dream Getaway!

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be allowed by my parents to visit the one country I've been really meaning to visit-JAPAN!!!

Japan had always been that one country in Asia that seems so close yet so far in my perspective since (a) the visa requirement (b) the ticket price (c) the hotel costs (d) the language barrier makes traveling to Japan seem farfetched and I always ended booking somewhere more "travel-friendly".

But somehow things fell into places. Got a cheap plane ticket, visa somehow got released 2 days before my flight date (!!) and the hotels and itinerary we somehow planned when we got to Japan.
Hello OSAKA!

Getting lost in their train stations! 

Eating all the gyoza and ramen I can eat!!

Mt. Fuji showing up!

I was there just in time for the Sakura bloom!

I had the best time in Japan! But I had so much regrets!! 5 days is definitely enough to go around Japan! I was only able visit Osaka and Tokyo! I barely even scratch the surface of how many things you can do and eat and see around JAPAN!!! THOSE REGRETS have been haunting me for months!

So if I could think my dream getaway- it'll definitely be JAPAN! I have so much to try, so much more to eat and the shopping!!! I can't even start on a proper list of things to do but these definitely are the ones on top of my head:
  • EAT kobe beef!
  • Climb Mt. Fuji!
  • try their tea ceremony!
  • stock up on make-ups and random finds!
  • visit Tori Path at Fushimi Inari Shrine Temple
  • Feed deers
  • Visit Nagoya!
  • Try a Sento (communal bath)
  • Visit Todaji Temple!
  • Shop Shop Shop!
  • EAT at Shinsaibashi
  • Visit Osaka Castle Park
  • Visit Universal Studio Japan
  • and so much more!!!
With so much things in mind and thinking of staying more than 2 weeks in my next travel to Japan. I am hoping to save up for my plane ticket, place to stay and allowance. Need to look for decent deals in the next few months for the plane ticket and place to stay for a 2 week duration without hurting my budget! Luckily enough, I found a new site AIRBNB, which allows you to stay in unique homes and places around the city with the comfort of a home and without hurting your budget!!!  What more is that Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 34,000 cities and 192 countries” Isn't it amazing non?

Just look at these Japan Homes ready to be rented out! who doesn't want to live in these places?

So sign up now HERE.

and start dreaming your : #MyAirbnbBucketList

Monday, June 9, 2014

My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge.

I know I should start my blog by saying how much us Filipino love our food and love the company that comes along while eating (and cooking)!  Besides, we are very well known for our hospitality and closeness to our family.. Eating and cooking great meals are instant bonding if I may say! 

So along with eating.. much need to be said how Filipinos are wonderful cook! San Miguel Purefoods My Great Food challenged filipinos with a 15-second cooking video Challenge!

15 Seconds?! Hmmm... I think I can manage that! Besides, since I am busy with medschool, I've come to learn how to cook quick meals that would take 10-15minutes top. But to make a 15 seconds video cooking demo is definitely a new challenge! So let me show you my entry. Marinated Pork Belly Kimchi Rice! I love a spicy dish and to infuse Filipino and Korean in a dish is something new and yet it works so well! So watch my l5 second video on how to make this yummy dish! :)

My Marinated Pork Belly with Kimchi Rice Recipe

1-2 cups of rice (depending how many will eat)
1 whole sweet medium white onion (minced)
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
2 tablespoon Korean Chili Paste
2 tablespoon Magnolia Star Margarine
Onion leeks (cut)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Monterey Marinated Pork Belly

or you can visit my instagram page to watch the video.
To Cook the Marinated Pork Belly:
You can opt to grill or fry the Pork Belly depending on your preference.
(I chose to cook mine with an Airfryer! Saved me some time and less oil! :))
Once cooked, set aside!

To cook the Kimchi rice:
 1. In a heated pan, put in 2 tablespoon of Magnolia Star Margarine.
2.Saute Garlic and Onion
3. Once slighty cooked, add in your rice then mix.
4. Add in 2 tablespoon of Korean Chili Paste
5. Cook for 5 minutes
6. Add Salt and pepper to taste
7. Add in onion leeks
and then you're done!!

Assemble your meal with the Marinated Pork Belly on top of the Kimchi Rice!

Quick and Easy!! But definitely mouthwatering delicious!

Visit My Great Food facebook and site for more info!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Styled my Mom with M&S

Mom used to dress sophisticatedly. She used to have all those beautiful dresses in her dresser, bags and heels that goes from Louis, Ferragamo to Prada. She would have time to fix herself in her table mirror, seeing her put on her make-up and putting on fragrance that smelled so divine that whenever she passes by, you just can't help but follow her scent.  Mommy was beautiful in my eyes (and she still is beautiful to me now). She was my fashion icon and back then when I was a kid and used to see her dress up, I can't help but sit next to her and just watch how she would put on her make-up and time would just stand still.

Mommy all dolled up during my sister's christening.

Mommy used to be so "fasyoooon" (fashion-forward) and I guess after 20+ years and having 5 kids after, things slowly made a turn around. Mommy changed the way she dressed. If there was one thing I noticed the way mom dressed now was that mom would always one PERMANENT DRESS CODE! Can you guess what it is from the photos below??

Soooo... have you guessed it?  If you have keen attention to details you would notice that my mom's permanent dress code is dressing in JOGGING PANTS whatever the occasion is! YUP! JOGGING pants!!!! May it be a formal event, to the beach or just any typical day of my mom- she would always wear the her jogging pants!  I once even asked mom what happened to her and why the sudden change in the way she dressed.. and mom would just answer me:" Because jogging pants are more comfortable.."

Ayayayayay! MOMMY!!!

And soooo... this is the reason why I want to have that chance to style my mom!

I think my mom badly needs a styling makeover! (Hi mom! Sorry if your reading this entry! :)) and so, if ever I do get a chance to change the way my mom would dress- I'll definitely bring the old mommy I used to know.. the sophisticated, fashion forward mom I used to look up to when it comes to dressing nicely!

So, for style peg for my mom, I wanted Mom to dress age-appropriately but with sophistication, and the comfort that she wants. The first thing that came to my mind was Kris Jenner and how she would dress up.

I think mom and Kris Jenner have a lot of things in common, both are career oriented moms, with many children to take care of, and of course, both of them rule the world their own ways!

Luckily, when I saw that there was a  challenge of styling your mom with Mark & Spencer, I knew I just had to join! Mom loves Mark & Spencer and all her lingerie are from this store!  So at least that's a minus of a problem from dressing my mom because mom chooses well when it comes to her undergarments! :)

So after going around the store, I finally found the stuff I think my mom would approved of, I would approved of and my family would say "Vavavooom" when mom would wear it!

  M&S Long Sleeved Leopard print polo. 
For casual wear, weather appropriate, easy wear and encompasses all ages!  Kris Jenner would approve of this!

 M&S Indigo Jeggings!
and the biggest turn around for mom! Saying goodbye to big and baggy jogging pants and saying HELLO to jeggings!!! I know mom wants comfort and I think Jeggings are really smart wear when you don't want to wear thick denim pants (especially in our crazy hot weather!) and want the comfort of being covered without the extra added layer.. and you know what, Mark and Spencer carries amazing jeggings (that really doesn't look like jeggings but more like denim pants!). I know my mom would love this!

and for some Accessories add ons!
  M&S Red Clutch

 M&S  Black Patent heels

 M&S  Gold Necklace

and the overall look (which I wore for mom's peg! since mom can't be with me here in Manila and so I took over and wore it for demonstration purpose.. :))
It's simple, it's elegant and mom will definitely wear this no frill, sophisticated look!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Okay, so I have a secret to share to you guys.. Well, its not much of a secret.. as I have been sharing some of my travels here in my blog. I love to travel and as much as I want to travel endlessly; budget (and time) can be an issue. So I think I need to let you guys in on a secret on how to travel CHEAP! AS IN CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! First priority on travelling cheap is scoring a cheap plane ticket! and yes, I've been getting some good deals that are definitely hard to resist and hopefully this entry can inspire you guys to see how amazing it is to travel without breaking much of your budget!

Nowadays, airline companies have competitive marketing strategies to sell plane seats at really affordable prices. Sometimes, the cost of an international plane ride is even cheaper than a local bus ticket! WEIRD, but true! So if you ask me, what was the cheapest flight I was able to score?

My answer? ZERO! 0!!!!

I scored several plane tickets with zero fare, zero tax, zero payment!! YES, ZERO!

At first, I thought it was just a computer glitch when I purchased my tickets. But then I called in on the customer service just to verify and even them, they were quite surprised I was able to get tickets for free! But they said that it could happen and that yes, my tickets are all valid! (and yes, I can verify that they were valid since I was able to fly out using my ticket!:))

I know you're next question.. HOW.. HOW DID I SCORE FREE TICKETS?

okay here are my tips:
1. Connect through different airline sites (via fb, twitter, mail, instagram) to receive their updates and newest promo deals. 
2. Make sure to also sign up on their site so just incase a new promo deal comes up, you already have an account within their site and making your transactions faster!
3. Remember, patience is the key! (and mind you, I am the least patient person I know.. But for the sake of scoring an awesome cheap ticket, I am willing to wait till midnight and wait  for the loading icons. LOL)
4. Always expect a good promo deal on local/international occasions ( ex. piso flights on new year!) :)
5. Once promos get posted on midnight, better be quick on checking available promo dates! It's about beating people for those seat sale! :)

So just be patient, be updated and be quite amazed how cheap flight tickets are now! 

(MY TICKET FROM AIR ASIA from MANILA TO MACAU: ZERO FARE, and fuel charge of 460 pesos ~around 10 USD)

Now,there's no excuse to not travel and not immerse yourself with different culture and different people!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


My yearly resolutions working statements for this year would be sum up on these:

1. Save up! (seriously!)
2. Study hard.. harder..hardest.
3. Be a better version of myself.

That's it :)

Happy New year everyone! :)