Friday, November 1, 2013

Bu Tao Ramen!

It's been said that this Ramen place is one of the best in Hong kong. So when I was there last week, I decided to made it part of my itinerary to check out this restaurant.

We went around 3:30pm and even though it was an unlikely time to eat, we were still asked to wait in line while the restaurant was still full of customers. Luckily, people in Hong kong just eat and go which only took us at least 10 minutes to be seated in the restaurant. But be warned, lunch time and dinners at Bu Tao were said to have customers waiting for 3 hours because of the crowd wanting to dine in this ramen place!

So while waiting, the servers would give you a piece of paper to choose your order. It's kinda easy since their menu only have 4 kind of noodle soup. You either choose Butao (the original), Black King (Squid ink ramen), Red King ( the spicy ramen), Green King (Basil, olive oil, and cheese ramen).After choosing your ramen soup, you then choose your add ons, level of spice, type of noodles and meat you want! So easy right?? :)

Then once seated, they serve your food fast! Efficient, I must say! Here I ordered Black Butao and as you can see on my order list from the previous photo, I chose soft thin noodles with 2x spice level. For me, my noodles were good except for the spice level since I find that 2x wasn't as spicy as I hope it would be. So I guess 5x would've been more appropriate. By the way, you can choose your spice level up to 10x! ( wonder how spicy this would be!) :)
The ramen soup was so rich with flavors and each spoonful has tiny bits of chopped squid in it! My noodles were also as good as I want it to be! Soft and thin! It was like Angel hair pasta in ramen bowl! mmm! :) The pork was also divine!

My companion tried the Butao (original), although it taste good, I find it more diluted compared to other ramen place I've tried. Nonetheless, it was a good eat! If only we came here less full, I think we could've ordered more and would've appreciate more how good actually this ramen place is! But I loved it anyway and would come back again next time to try their Green King!

So when you get to visit Hong Kong, do try this ramen place out! I think it's worth looking for this ramen place!

PS. Heard that Bu Tao will soon open in the Philippines!
69 Wellington Street, Central​​
40 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Shop A & B, G/F, Kam Wing Commercial Bldg, 28 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
 11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.