Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saving up for these:

                  tiffany's key necklace

                   Louis Vuitton Saumur bag

                and this TOMS!!

oh lord, I need to find a job and earn soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My best Summer experience 2013

This has to be one of the best summer I've had (considering it was my last since I'll be start my medical internship next year). It's true, you'll definitely save your best for last! Ladies and Gentlemen, lemme show how you truly majestically magnificent Cambodia is! All the temples, the nature, the forest, the history it holds, you can't but be amazed how beautiful the world really is!!! One of UNESCO world heritage, this one is worth the visit!!! and let me tell you, one day is not enough to go through all the temples!

Angkor Wat!
Best to go before sunrise!

Look at all the visitors! everyone waiting for the sunrise by the lake.

everything is so picturesque!


by the ruins

Every temple has its own story on its history and how it was built. Best if you get a guide! :)

If my photos can only speak, you'll know how beautiful it truly is! One of the best places I've been to! This had been in my bucket list for the longest time and finally able to scratch it off! :)

Amazing Summer that was!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the 2013 goals: (UPDATE)

2012 had been a trying year. Full of memories and definitely one for the books. This year, my 2013, I am going to dream big, push myself to the limit and be bolder. So these are going to be my goals:

  • pass all my subjects
  • travel to a new country
  • do an extreme sport (skydiving before hitting 25)
  • lose 15 lbs in 3 months and maintain it
  • save up
  • use my savings for capital in a business
  • enroll myself in cooking class
  • enroll myself in makeup class
  • join medical missions
  • learn to love again
  • organize my books
  • learn something new
  • travel more
  • learn new sport
  • climb a mountain
  • wakeboard again
  • do something extraordinary
  • witness a miracle
  • grow my hair long
  • or maybe cut it short
  • take care of myself more
  • invest on something. :)

that's it, so far! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thailand Series No.3: How to travel from Bangkok to Phuket.

So we planned to include Phuket in our itinerary. But due to unforeseen reasons ( read: we didn't researched on the how to's!!) we spent some of our golden hours travelling from point A to point B. Thus, given that... I want to help some readers about how to go to Bangkok to Phuket the easiest, the cheapest, the fastest way (and that you might learn something from our mistakes hahaha) :)

The smartest, fastest and easiest way (in my opinion) to travel from Bangkok to Phuket is definitely by plane. yes, it could be more expensive by 1000-2000 baht but the travelling time is only an hour compared to taking the bus which will take you 8-10 hours depending on the class of bus you're taking. Your best bet for the cheapest plane would be Air Asia, Tiger Airways and Bangkok Airways.

The cheapest and (the route we chose) is taking the bus from Bangkok to Phuket. So let me share to you our experience. :) So take a taxi and head to Sai Tai Mai bus terminal in Thonburi to purchase tickets at least 15 minutes in advance of your desired departure. Bus Schedules are available online at the Thailand Travel Company website. You can purchase your ticket online or just head over to the counter to purchase.

 It is advisable to check you preferred time and book it as early as possible since seats are fast to go. Also, buying tickets on counter can be little confusing with everything written in Thai. We were lucky that we met a thai woman who helped us purchase our tickets. We got the 1st class bus which cost 529 baht (roughly 800 pesos). you have 3 choice for which bus to choose from-VIP (around 1000 baht), 1st class (500-600), 2nd class (300-400). VIP bus are the fastest to get booked since they have limited seats and is advisable to book 2 days advance.

Our bus took 13 hours of travel time with 2 stops in between. The bus itself has a comfort room so it's okay if you slept through the bus stop. However, ours smells stenchy and it is better to go down and take the loo at the bus stops where you can also eat and refresh yourselves. 

Another tip I could give you is when booking, try to get the seats on the 1st floor of the bus! specifically the one nearest the driver! wider leg room and only limited people in the 1st floor! We were lucky enough to book the one below and had the 1st floor for ourselves! :)

off we go! from Bangkok to Phuket!

Fast forward (after 13 hours, 2 bus stop!) we left bangkok 6:20 am and we arrived around 8pm at Phuket Bus Terminal. LONGEST RIDE EVER!!! hahahaa.. (but i guess, we didn't mind since we want to be frugal and that we have a lot more days in thailand).@e slept mostly in the bus ride and my complain in taking the bus, the air-con during the morning and siesta time was so hot! We were perspiring! I guess that's 2nd class bus for you!

Anyway, from the terminal  we had to hire a van to take us to our hotel. It'll be hard to travel from Phuket bus terminal to wherever your hotel. As I have noticed, there are no (or few) taxis available in the area. So your choice of travelling is either to hire a whole van or if you're travelling alone is to hire a motorbike to drive you to wherever you're heading! :)

Next post is on our Phuket leg! Our hotel in Phuket is sooooooooo awesome, you just hafta wait!! :))

 till the next entry!