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Date a man who dreams.
Date a man who doesn’t spend his money on drink, or clothes, or video games, but saves what he has to go on adventures and pursue his dreams. He might have problems dealing with everyday things but no-one sees the possibilities life holds like he does. This is a man who is ready for anything, who will drop everything on a moment’s notice to run away and get lost somewhere with you or show up unannounced to whisk you away on some crazy adventure. Date a man who sees the world in millions of colours, who has his head in the clouds and his feet on the ground.
Date a man who hasn’t got the money to spoil you or shower you with gifts but finds a way to do it anyway. You can trust that he’ll find a way to touch your heart and make you feel special in new ways. He knows that words and gifts aren’t what matters. Every time he gives you something or writes to you he is giving you a piece of his soul. And every time you give him something or write to him he will truly treasure it and understand the effort you put in to choosing the gift, the words, or even making it yourself.
Date a man who sees how amazing you are even if you don’t see it yourself, who sees how good things could be for you. Because a man like this who can see the end goal, the big picture, will keep on going because no obstacle can compare to what lies ahead. Date a man who believes in true love, in romance. He will dream up incredible fantasies that the two of you can bring to life together. He will take you places other people can’t even imagine. Date a man who believes in you, because he will help you believe as well. He will see echoes of you in every thing of beauty, and he sees beauty in everything. A man like this will always think you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and will always be there for you.
Date a man who reads books and comics, who watches films and cartoons, who laughs at stupid jokes and knows when to fall into a reverential silence and drink in the moment with you. You can just be yourself with him and he’ll just be himself. He’ll understand why you love the things you do and he’ll appreciate them and be interested in them too, even his own passions lie elsewhere. He understands your whims and desires, because he’s seen them acted out in his mind. And whatever the scenario, no matter how bad things get, he sees how the story ends. And because he sees how it ends, he knows that all tragedies are overcome, all villains vanquished and fears are banished, no matter how desperate the situation may appear. Better still, date a man who writes.
Date a man who can’t be pigeon holed into any one category, who can mingle in any crowd but doesn’t truly fit in any one scene. He’s an individual, a man who knows what it takes to stand out from the crowd and who doesn’t mind being judged or thought of as different. That’s why he will never judge you or make lazy assumptions about you. That’s why he will always see you as your own person, as a unique and wonderful individual.
Fail him. Let him down. Hurt him. He’ll do the same to you: but he knows that this is just how things go. He knows that life is made up of ups and downs. He will understand that when you lash out at him or push him away, there are many reasons why. Instead of getting mad or retaliating he’ll try and make things right. He knows when to apologise and admit to making mistakes. He’s also quick to forgive because he knows how easy it is to make mistakes. He understands that your flaws and vulnerabilities make you beautiful and strong.
He knows that perfect harmony doesn’t exist and that nothing is forever. He knows that you see this too: he sees beauty and freedom in this and wants to help you see it too. He knows fear and embraces it. He knows sadness. He knows his many flaws. He is prepared to adapt and to change because he respects your values and your opinions. He knows that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t stop him trying to do his best. He knows that love needs to be worked for, that relationships are a constant flow from love and laughter to arguments and conflict, that like all things the good times come with the bad and that the dancing and loving and laughing are worth the fighting. He wants you to be happy even if it means not being with you, but in his heart he believes that he can make you happy like nobody else and so will do anything to be with you.
Date a man who remembers every little thing about you, who is intuitive, who can see when you’re happy or sad, when you need cheering up or when you want to get away from it all or just forget everything for a while. He sees everything about you. He understands that you’ll be a different person from moment to moment, that you’ll change your mind and your mood without warning. He knows that you can switch between being a baller shot caller, a kawaii otaku, an artistic auteur or a femme fatale in the blink of an eye, an that they are all a part of who you are. He loves and pays attention to each and every aspect of your personality, from the girl who needs to be cuddled and cared for to the woman with her own needs and desires.
Date a man who fights to be in your life no matter what. A man who values you and believes he should be with you will only see that you are scared of how much this could mean for both of you. This kind of guy who will always be there for you when the times are tough, who is always looking out for you even when you’re not together or when you cannot see him. Date a man who will always believe you should be together: a man who will never give up on you no matter what. Date a man you’re scared to date, precisely because you cannot think of a reason you should be scared to be with him.
Date a man who knows that this isn’t about him, but about you: a man who loves you with his heart and soul. You deserve it.
Date a man who dreams. Who dreams about you.
Or better yet, date a man who lives his dreams.

from: here
I love this article! Well written and every bits and pieces I would've thought of writing as well. <3 p="">
and guys, I think this article could also apply to what you want to find in a woman who you would want to date! :)


Friday, November 1, 2013

Bu Tao Ramen!

It's been said that this Ramen place is one of the best in Hong kong. So when I was there last week, I decided to made it part of my itinerary to check out this restaurant.

We went around 3:30pm and even though it was an unlikely time to eat, we were still asked to wait in line while the restaurant was still full of customers. Luckily, people in Hong kong just eat and go which only took us at least 10 minutes to be seated in the restaurant. But be warned, lunch time and dinners at Bu Tao were said to have customers waiting for 3 hours because of the crowd wanting to dine in this ramen place!

So while waiting, the servers would give you a piece of paper to choose your order. It's kinda easy since their menu only have 4 kind of noodle soup. You either choose Butao (the original), Black King (Squid ink ramen), Red King ( the spicy ramen), Green King (Basil, olive oil, and cheese ramen).After choosing your ramen soup, you then choose your add ons, level of spice, type of noodles and meat you want! So easy right?? :)

Then once seated, they serve your food fast! Efficient, I must say! Here I ordered Black Butao and as you can see on my order list from the previous photo, I chose soft thin noodles with 2x spice level. For me, my noodles were good except for the spice level since I find that 2x wasn't as spicy as I hope it would be. So I guess 5x would've been more appropriate. By the way, you can choose your spice level up to 10x! ( wonder how spicy this would be!) :)
The ramen soup was so rich with flavors and each spoonful has tiny bits of chopped squid in it! My noodles were also as good as I want it to be! Soft and thin! It was like Angel hair pasta in ramen bowl! mmm! :) The pork was also divine!

My companion tried the Butao (original), although it taste good, I find it more diluted compared to other ramen place I've tried. Nonetheless, it was a good eat! If only we came here less full, I think we could've ordered more and would've appreciate more how good actually this ramen place is! But I loved it anyway and would come back again next time to try their Green King!

So when you get to visit Hong Kong, do try this ramen place out! I think it's worth looking for this ramen place!

PS. Heard that Bu Tao will soon open in the Philippines!
69 Wellington Street, Central​​
40 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Shop A & B, G/F, Kam Wing Commercial Bldg, 28 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
 11:00a.m. - 11:00p.m.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Glad to Globe

I've thought about writing a lengthy post about why I am glad to be a Globe user but then decided that it wasn't necessary actually. I want to keep this entry a simple one because I know if not all (or most) of us, know what Globe is and has to offer. I am just sharing to you my personal experience why I remain a true loyal Globe user. 

Here are my reasons why:

1. Globe remains to be my family choice.
If there is one deciding factor on what network choice I am using. It is this- what my family are using. I am proud to say, everyone in our family own a Globe number. It's our choice because this network has been the strongest network provider in our province. We all just need basic things actually from a network: for our calls to get connected every time, our messages gets sent and a competitive price for its services. Globe has given that and this is why we remain loyal to this network provider.

2. They continually expand their offers and plans.
I remember using a prepaid number and remembered doing the +232 per minute calls. During those days, every peso are counted when your load is limited. This was one of the many things Globe had offered that made me save pesos from making calls or those unlitexts. Globe remains competitive in a way they always find to offer you something new and something that can help us get the best of their service without actually hurting our pocket. Even now, I am proud to say I still have my Gcash account which is one of their pioneer service that helped me a lot when I used to start an online business when I was back in college! It made transactions hassle-free! Unlitext, Unli-calls, unli-internet. You think of it, they have it! Their service has become so competitive that I currently have two Globe lines since they released their create your own plan promo. One of my line, I used as my internet line and my other line for basic phone. I cannot complain actually how competitive their pricing has been and the freebies gadget actually will help you decide why Globe has to be one of the constant market movers here in the Philippines!

3. They constantly upgrade and make services better!
I have to admit to you there was a few months back, when Globe started acting funny and signal got weary. But as they have explained, they were actually upgrading their services during those time (due to the LTE upgrades). Yes, even the biggest networks have to have a setback in order to upgrade right? Nothing is perfect as it is, but I am glad that somehow I am seeing the labor of their upgrades. Experiencing LTE connection, having faster net connections now are just to name a few upgrades I am grateful for!

4. Better Tech Support!
I just wanna salute Globe because they have started to acknowledge the power of networking sites wherein they've come to answer queries and tech problems users have to deal with in quick responses. May it be on twitter or facebook, Globe tech support can now be easily reached. Just tweet or post on their facebook- they'll surely answer your queries within the day. :)

5. I travel with Globe!
There was this one instance that I remember when I traveled in Singapore alone for the first time and I was a minor back then.  I had to stay in Singapore for a month to study and having my prepaid line back then, I thought that my phone would automatically have a roaming setting once I landed. Aghast, it didn't! I actually was scared since I didn't know how to contact my parents and I know they would worry where I was already. Luckily, I got hold of a free internet at the airport and accessed the Globe site and trying to check how to activate my line. I was so amazed that the Globe site has those interactive chat wherein you can voice out your concerns thru a chat with one of their agent. Within a few minutes, my signal got fixed, my line got working and I was able to call back home! It was those instance that I am still grateful till now and I cannot really forget that one! Since then, I still travel with Globe, though of course, things might have changed, having a postpaid plan now makes it much easier. I get to be connected through Globe and its partnered network abroad without fuss. I think this is one necessity when I travel, to have my phone there with me where ever I go. I think of it as my security blanket.

6. Globe has given us the best opportunities!
Globe has always been a market-strong company. It constantly provide the community something to look forward to. Whether it's a concert, a show, or contests- they've pretty much done it! I, for one, was able to join one of their marketing promo wherein they started a contest with a tagline:"Paramihan". I remembered it was an online video making contest wherein challengers were asked to think of things they can come up with "the most of". Who knew our sibling paramihan ng kiss video was chosen among the top 3! Sweet! It's just one of those instances that I am glad Globe gave us opportunities to join contests and be creative actually! I still relive those winning moments! Such a fun thing to do!! Aside from this, I have loved Globe for bringing in countless of International Singers and Bands here in the Philippines! Like the recent Lee Min Ho concert anyone? :)

I dare say, I'm happy being a Globe user and not seeing myself to move to any network anytime soon. It had been me for 14 years so I must say, it has been with me through thick and thin! Gotta love Globe! :)

So as I end this post, I think of how apt Globe new slogan is..

Because with GLOBE.. Go lang ng GO!
Celebrate life with Globe! :)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Saving up for these:

                  tiffany's key necklace

                   Louis Vuitton Saumur bag

                and this TOMS!!

oh lord, I need to find a job and earn soon!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My best Summer experience 2013

This has to be one of the best summer I've had (considering it was my last since I'll be start my medical internship next year). It's true, you'll definitely save your best for last! Ladies and Gentlemen, lemme show how you truly majestically magnificent Cambodia is! All the temples, the nature, the forest, the history it holds, you can't but be amazed how beautiful the world really is!!! One of UNESCO world heritage, this one is worth the visit!!! and let me tell you, one day is not enough to go through all the temples!

Angkor Wat!
Best to go before sunrise!

Look at all the visitors! everyone waiting for the sunrise by the lake.

everything is so picturesque!


by the ruins

Every temple has its own story on its history and how it was built. Best if you get a guide! :)

If my photos can only speak, you'll know how beautiful it truly is! One of the best places I've been to! This had been in my bucket list for the longest time and finally able to scratch it off! :)

Amazing Summer that was!

This is my official entry for Nuffnang and Native giveaway!

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the 2013 goals: (UPDATE)

2012 had been a trying year. Full of memories and definitely one for the books. This year, my 2013, I am going to dream big, push myself to the limit and be bolder. So these are going to be my goals:

  • pass all my subjects
  • travel to a new country
  • do an extreme sport (skydiving before hitting 25)
  • lose 15 lbs in 3 months and maintain it
  • save up
  • use my savings for capital in a business
  • enroll myself in cooking class
  • enroll myself in makeup class
  • join medical missions
  • learn to love again
  • organize my books
  • learn something new
  • travel more
  • learn new sport
  • climb a mountain
  • wakeboard again
  • do something extraordinary
  • witness a miracle
  • grow my hair long
  • or maybe cut it short
  • take care of myself more
  • invest on something. :)

that's it, so far! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thailand Series No.3: How to travel from Bangkok to Phuket.

So we planned to include Phuket in our itinerary. But due to unforeseen reasons ( read: we didn't researched on the how to's!!) we spent some of our golden hours travelling from point A to point B. Thus, given that... I want to help some readers about how to go to Bangkok to Phuket the easiest, the cheapest, the fastest way (and that you might learn something from our mistakes hahaha) :)

The smartest, fastest and easiest way (in my opinion) to travel from Bangkok to Phuket is definitely by plane. yes, it could be more expensive by 1000-2000 baht but the travelling time is only an hour compared to taking the bus which will take you 8-10 hours depending on the class of bus you're taking. Your best bet for the cheapest plane would be Air Asia, Tiger Airways and Bangkok Airways.

The cheapest and (the route we chose) is taking the bus from Bangkok to Phuket. So let me share to you our experience. :) So take a taxi and head to Sai Tai Mai bus terminal in Thonburi to purchase tickets at least 15 minutes in advance of your desired departure. Bus Schedules are available online at the Thailand Travel Company website. You can purchase your ticket online or just head over to the counter to purchase.

 It is advisable to check you preferred time and book it as early as possible since seats are fast to go. Also, buying tickets on counter can be little confusing with everything written in Thai. We were lucky that we met a thai woman who helped us purchase our tickets. We got the 1st class bus which cost 529 baht (roughly 800 pesos). you have 3 choice for which bus to choose from-VIP (around 1000 baht), 1st class (500-600), 2nd class (300-400). VIP bus are the fastest to get booked since they have limited seats and is advisable to book 2 days advance.

Our bus took 13 hours of travel time with 2 stops in between. The bus itself has a comfort room so it's okay if you slept through the bus stop. However, ours smells stenchy and it is better to go down and take the loo at the bus stops where you can also eat and refresh yourselves. 

Another tip I could give you is when booking, try to get the seats on the 1st floor of the bus! specifically the one nearest the driver! wider leg room and only limited people in the 1st floor! We were lucky enough to book the one below and had the 1st floor for ourselves! :)

off we go! from Bangkok to Phuket!

Fast forward (after 13 hours, 2 bus stop!) we left bangkok 6:20 am and we arrived around 8pm at Phuket Bus Terminal. LONGEST RIDE EVER!!! hahahaa.. (but i guess, we didn't mind since we want to be frugal and that we have a lot more days in thailand).@e slept mostly in the bus ride and my complain in taking the bus, the air-con during the morning and siesta time was so hot! We were perspiring! I guess that's 2nd class bus for you!

Anyway, from the terminal  we had to hire a van to take us to our hotel. It'll be hard to travel from Phuket bus terminal to wherever your hotel. As I have noticed, there are no (or few) taxis available in the area. So your choice of travelling is either to hire a whole van or if you're travelling alone is to hire a motorbike to drive you to wherever you're heading! :)

Next post is on our Phuket leg! Our hotel in Phuket is sooooooooo awesome, you just hafta wait!! :))

 till the next entry!

Monday, May 27, 2013


 I've made so many mistakes and regrets in my life that makes me wonder:" what the hell am I doing in my life?". Sometimes I fear, I'm putting myself on the edge of destruction and choosing not to be happy by choice. I need to fix myself. I need to make myself-better, wiser, stronger. Next time around, the next time I meet you, I promise, I'll do things right. But for now, let me have this moment to accept I am not yet ready. I am not yet in my best shape. I have to work on "ME".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silom Thai Cooking School

Here is the continuation entry of my Thailand travel series.

One of the most fascinating I did in Bangkok was to enroll myself in a one-day cooking class at Silom Thai Cooking School.

Okay so I know you have questions:

Q: What should I wear for the class?
Ans: wear your most comfortable clothes. Dress appropriately as you will visit the dry market as well as the wet market :)

baskets while going around the market

Q: Is it only for women?
Ans: No. In fact, during my class, I had two awesome male classmates! :)

with our guide, Oat, (in black) :)
Q: Is the class for advance (i.e: for someone who already knows how to cook)?
Ans: No. Actually everyone is invited to experience cooking for the first time. It was easy to follow as long as you are willing to try cooking.

Q: What to expect?
Ans: First, you'll be shown around the market and introduced to what and where to buy the ingredients, then after, you'll head to the cooking class area and prepare your ingredients, cook and then eat  (eating part is the most fun!!) :)

learning about the different ingredients :)

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
Ans: Just bring yourself and money (to pay for the class) and that's it!

Q: How much is it?
Ans: Mine, cost 1100 baht (I may be mistaken)

Q: How many recipe is there?
Ans: You'll be doing at least 5 recipe (1 appetizer, 3 main course,1 dessert)

My own work station! :)
Q: Is it hands-on?
Ans: oh yes!!! make a mistake in the way you cook, well, you get to eat it after! so do good! :)

Q: How long is the class?
Ans.: About 4-5 hours top!

Q: How many people per class?
Ans: well depending where you get to be enrolled. There are two simultaneous class held in the morning, afternoon and midnight. One class can hold less than 10 people and the other one is a bigger class ( I think) more than 20 students.

Q:is it okay for children?
Ans: I think it is. as long as you deem the child can cut his/her own vegetables and use the stove on his/her own. :)

My first tom yum soup made from scratch!
Tom Yum Soup!
Crispy Fish Salad
Q: Do I get to bring home the food I cooked?
Ans: No. Since you'll be eating whatever you cook right there and then!

Q: Can I request what recipe to cook?
Ans: No. Unless you can block out the whole class for your group. The cooking school have a pre-arranged recipe per day. So you can check their site for the class schedules and recipes.

My own Pad Thai creation!

Q: What do I get after the class?
Ans. a whole lot of experience and a cook book recipe! :)

Q: Are the recipes doable at home?
Ans: yes! I was able to do some of the recipes again at home. Though, I am having problems with some of the ingredients since some of the ingredients are not available in our own market. So might I suggest, you buy the ingredients before leaving Thailand.

The hardest part of the whole cooking series!! making your own curry paste from scratch! hahaa :)

Sticky Rice and mango!
My Classmates!

Q: Was it worth the time?
Ans: Definitely yes! You get to learn plus meet new people too! and take awesome photos as well! hehehe :))

Awesome awesome! One bucket list done!