Monday, December 24, 2012

the 2012 recap!

At the start of the year, I posted this entry and here's what I've crossed in my 2012 goals:

I'm gonna start another year with new set of goals, new perspectives and a LOT more to do. Here are my goals for 2012 (in no particular order since I'm just scribbling):
  • do something fun.  (did a lot of this!)
  • do something new  (tried yachting, colored my hair red, and learned the thing called extensions! lol)
  • pass this semester
  • smile more.
  • be more approachable,happy, good vibe-y, enthusiastic and for the negas, well, learn to kill them with kindness. :) (half way lang eh!)
  • appreciate life more
  • save more
  • travel more
  • visit a new country  (Australia!)
  • reconnect with God  
  • lose weight and go 3 dress size down
  • simplify life
  • buy heels and learn how to use them!  (bought 4!)
  • sleep early
  • fall in love  (and fell out)
  •  have a new pet  (a hedgehog and a *soon to be* pet!) :)
  • learn new hobby (do you consider instagramming a new hobby? ) :)
  • learn to cook new dishes  (learned how to cook curry! :)
  • be more organize
  • color my hair red
  • lessen impulsive buying
  • be more financially mature.
  • learn to invest
  • learn something new
  • go back to flag football
  • go back to frisbee
  • learn new sport
  • join new org
  • meet more people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • add new items for my collection (watches and books)
  • be happy;
  • and be less stressed with stuff
  • travel alone
  • fill up 2 piggy bank
  • blog more
  • less FB
  • learn to forgive and let go.
  • organize my series files
  • and my photo files
  • say sorry and thank you more.
  • study harder!
  • and be grateful. :)

 Not bad I must say! It was a year of learning, of being more mature and  seeing things in a more mature perspective. 2012 was a year of trials but I must say, I am glad I came out stronger, better and with more experiences to last me forever. For everyone who came in my life, those who left, those who stayed, those who I turned to when I had my worst times- thank you! To my family, to my friends, to the people who I met this year, thank you for making my life constantly enriching. With everything that happened this year, I am grateful for everything. I am where I want to be.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Aspire to Inspire the Meister way.

How do you aspire to inspire?

Lately, I've been contemplating what I've been doing in my life. I'm 24 and most people in my age are either already earning their own money or have a family to call their own. And me? I'm still here and studying.

Take that journey
I've been in studying for almost 20 years now. 20 looooong yeaaaars!
That is definitely what you call a journey and still an ongoing journey to get that "M.D." on my name. Yes, I am taking Medicine- the longest and toughest course you could probably get in college (and postgrad). But I have already that mindset that I won't give up even if at times, doubts sets in and the what if's starts to get through your head. Because when I start on something, I don't give up so easily. So let me share to you my story and hopefully I could aspire you to inspire your own journey to your dream!

Make a circle of friends
Medicine has a world of its own. Some days, you probably could only get 1-3 hours of sleep and be a walking zombie for ward works and at times, you just really have no idea what is happening in your surrounding. There are days you just rely your life with cups and cups of coffee which will hopefully keep your mind alert and awake. Medicine is not for the smart alone( like I wanted to believe) but for those who want to work HARD in order to get it. Because being smart doesn't get you through Med school alone. Sure, being smart can get you good grades but as soon as I've set foot in Med school, life is not about good grades alone but from forming good circle of friends and camaraderie. Because the people you would meet in med school are probably the people you would call colleagues soon, your fellow Doctors and may be soon enough they'll also be your "kumpares" and "kumares" in your (future) children's baptism. They are also the set of friends who will understand the kind of life you are in, the mind freak, the roller coaster of emotions and even the unending complains of no sleep- because you are living a life that they also have! 

Good friends will help you through the journey.

So if you want to survive med school or actually, survive in anything in life- make sure you have good friends who will help you get through the journey. The journey is already half-done when you have friends along the way.

Believe in your dreams.
I have this motto in life that I continually repeat on my mind whenever I feel I can no longer go on. And this is my motto:" There are dreamers and there are doers". Because dreaming is easy and doing is harder said than done. This is my simple reminder that if you dream of it, you (and only you) can set it in motion in order for that dream to really happen! Not all dreams, we can rely on luck alone but if we aspire, we hafta work hard to achieve it right? Like they say, there ain't no such thing as free lunch. So work hard and earn it and don't wait for others to do it for you!

This is the first half of my dream and I am doing everything in order to achieve it!

Meet someone who will inspire you.
I know, I am writing here hoping to inspire you and just like you, someone else have inspired me. Inspiration is like a domino effect. Think of it this way, when someone is happy, sometimes you can't help but be happy too, right? That's the domino effect! In med school, I've met so many established Doctors but there are few who would inspire you to be the kind of doctor you'd imagine to be in the future. These are the doctors who love what they are doing, who do their jobs day in day out without complains and that earnest attitude to help and save lives of people. So meet someone who will inspire you to be good and honest in who you are. They are going to be your inspiration and your mentor;and maybe just like a domino effect- you get to inspire someone else.
 Meet someone who will inspire you to be good at what you do.

 Love what you do.
It will never feel like a work when you love what you do. When you practice your craft/skills and know that someone else are enjoying or benefiting from it. When they give you their thank you's or may be you got your first pay at your job, doesn't it feel nice and fuzzy from the inside? :) So love what you do and everything else will be easy.

So love what you do.

Enjoy your life.
Sure, med school can be a roller coaster ride sometimes and when you can no longer take it, everything will feel heavy and can burn you out. So take a step back and learn how to have a life outside of med school. Learn how to enjoy your life and live. It's not an excuse that you are busy or have something else more important to do- because whatever it is, it better have to wait because life is more important to live.

 Learn how to enjoy life. Live. Smile. Enjoy!

The fruits of your labor.
It may be too early for me to write about the fruits of my labor because I'm still halfway on my journey. But I  just wanted to write it here because I do believe that enjoying the fruits of your labor is also necessary in order to be inspired. Just like what I've said, whenever you see someone benefiting in what you do- you feel that satisfaction that someone was made better because of you. You may have save their lives, you may have made them smile, you may have given them another reason to live- these are fruits of your labor. Because the fruits of your labor will inspire you even more to work hard.

My favorite paragraph about what I am going through.

So when you ask why I deserve to be part of the Meister Movement?
All I can say is that I know that whatever I am doing right now will hopefully inspire someone else to do what they love. This is the life I chose and I love it. There are no buts, and excuses for someone to achieve a dream they aspire to happen- it all comes down to you and how much you want it. I deserve to be part of the Meister movement because I am an individual who knows what I want and does everything inorder to achieve it. I aspire to inspire!

I have been in love with Meister ever since it was released in the Philippine market and have been lusting for the Rose Gold Commander Meister watch. Sexy and with a touch of masculine. Just the type of watch that is calling for my name ever since. I looooove it and dying to call my own!
It will be mine,because I believe it, secretly hoping for it and mentally have taken it!

I am part of the Meister Movement, wouldn't you want to be part of it too? :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Like every year..

I always make a list of things I do hope to receive for Christmas. Just amusing my materialistic self here for this entry.

So this year, these are the things I don't mind receiving:

a Macbook Air, because I've been good this year and my laptop badly needs an upgrade!

Tiffany's Initial Pendant Necklace! of course I want it with a "J" instead :)

A Trip to the majestic place of Angkor Wat,Cambodia
John Green Book Set
New Nike Shorts (size XL :))

Marc Jacobs Sasha Shoulder Bag!

  • supplies of highlighters!!!
  • boxes of chocolates!!
  • GC's to Starbucks and Forever 21!!!

those are the things I'm (secretly) dreaming to have this Christmas! Mr Santa, can you spare me some of your gifts?