Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toms are TDF (TO DIE FOR!)

 Whenever Toms release new items, I instantly have a minor heart stroke because TOMS is seriously killing me with new beautiful pieces that I am really really am lusting for! It makes me think of happy summers, beautiful places and all the happy thoughts that seems to go with their vibrant colors! Just look at these:

Red Strappy Wedge

Ikat Tribal-inspired flats

 Yummy Orange Bimini Stitchouts

Cenna Strappy Wedge

Coral Ceara Cordones
 Fuschia Bimini Stitchouts!
Nude Strappy Wedge

So pretty huh? I can just totally live in Toms shoes! Even in School, my choice of school shoes is TOMS ( with matching med uniform! hahaha!) and these are staples in my wardrobe! If only I could add these pretty little things in my growing Toms, I will definitely be a happy child!

Available at all TOMS retailers :)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where to Stay in Korea: Holiday Inn Alpensia Town

I totally forgot about my Korea trip and the things I have yet to write about it! Like this one:

One of the best place we stayed in Korea was this hotel in Pyeongchang- Holiday Inn Alpensia! The resort is 3.5hr drive from Incheon International Airport and 2 Hrs from Gimpo International Airport in Seoul.

The town is supposedly was "made"  and is gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics which will be held in South Korea and this place was covered with convention centers, Ski resorts, Gyms and all those rustic alpine design hotels! Seriously pretty and with the cold weather, everything was just perfect! Sadly, it was Autumn when we went and just imagine if it was already winter!!! 

Early morning!

In front of our Hotel, Holiday Inn with 550+ rooms available! BIG!!!

The view of the town

Holiday Inn Front door at 8am! 

Our Room:
 Our room was the standard size with two single beds and a balcony overlooking the front of the hotel. the whole hotel have free wi-fi and it was quite fast! 

I had a good sleep in this bed!

the loo

and my favorite rainshower head!!! :)

all the electronics? Samsung of course!

The Buffet:

Guest can enjoy complimentary breakfast when you stay at Holiday Inn and I just love the breakfast buffet since I'm at a different country which only means that I get to try what Koreans have for their breakfast! Oh, and did I say, I love buffets?


Korean loves their rice cooker!


 Drink selection!

 More Kimchis!

 Fruits! The tour guide told us that fruits in Autumn in Korea are more expensive and thus fewer selection but nonetheless, I love the pineapples!

and my favoriiiiiiiite!!! BACONS! mmmm!

Sea Weeds!!

We only stayed one night since we had to leave for our other pit stops in our itineraries. That day, we have to go to Everland amusement park. I truly love Alpensia Town and seeing endless Mountains and colorful trees makes you think of those Koreanovelas you only get to see on TV!

I hope to go back someday! 2018 maybe? WINTER OLYMPICS!!! :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just a quick post

it's official, goodbye summer!

today was our first day at school.
I've been really having consecutive bad days!
that's it! 
will write something decent and longer next time... 
I need sleep as much I could.
I miss summer already!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lash Bar experience

I've always wanted to try eyelash extension for myself but always forgotten about it because it wasn't really necessarily the first thing I had in my mind of my to do list. But finally, I did. 

Luckily, I saw a promo e-coupon from Cleverbuy (now down due to some malicious transactions but I guess I was really lucky since I was able to redeem mine) which I only had to pay for P400  for an P800 worth of service from The Lash Bar.

Service and prices are as follow:

Before going to their salon, I had to call in and asked to booked me a slot. Since it was my first time for this kind of service, I didn't know the differences between the pristine,prime and elite. I just asked the lady who did my extensions to choose for me. She chose prime and then I just decided the length of the eyelashes, varying from short, medium and long.

this was my before:

The whole session took almost an hour where you are seated comfortably in a lazy boy chair and the lady would ask you to close your eyes the whole time. Believe me it was hard and I kept trying to open my eyes but she somehow placed some tape that stops me from doing so. 

Sorry didn't have any decent photos of the whole service process except this one (and pls excuse the face!)

after an hour, this is the result:

Fuller lashes!!

But believe me, the first few hours hurt my eyes since the glue was getting to my eyes. No washing for the first 12 hours, no rubbing, mascaras are also not allowed and my server told me that they lasts for 3-6 weeks tops!

Retouch are also advisable to maintain the looks of your extensions (for P250)

I must say, a lot of people noticed how "made up" I looked when to think I only had extensions on! Saves you time curling your lashies and definitely gives your eyes that extra oomph!

I was definitely satisfied with my extensions but I'm still weighing in if I would have it again sometime soon.. I can be careless when rubbing my eyes and taking care of the eyelash extensions can be a bummer at times since you had to be more careful when washing your face. But it definitely looks pretty huh? So this is practically a question of vanity! hahaha.. Maybe I'll do it again soon! :)

The Lash Bar
Podium Mall
Basement 1 Block 22-23
ADB avenue,pasig city