Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday, January 13, 2012

Nokia N9

will write a review soon! :) for now, can you juat say ain't it sleek looking!

mario's restaurant

here's a fave to order of mine. tenderloin steak wrapped in bacon and mango and crab salad. :)


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moral story of the day.. :)

that today, I finally know that in myself I'm maturing enough.

Signs of maturing:

less fight.
learning to shut up (when needed :))
and letting go of unnecessary confrontations.
and oh, unsubscribing too!

Oh yes, I finally understood that it isn't necessary to speak even when you are provoked..

Am I becoming mellow and nice? I think so too! :)

here's to a year of all smiles and good vibes! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Rustan's Sale!!

Usually I don't like going to any store sales here in Manila because more often than not, I don't have any of my sizes left in store. But today, decided to head over to Rustan's Sale because I was bored and had Rustans GC to use..

and looky what I got!

Harajuku Heels at 70%off it's Original Price!!!!
at first, the pair was just 30%off and I was 'sold' already since this was a first that I still had a size on sale.. I asked the store attendant if he could get me the other pair but when he returned, he realized it was the last pair already- he said that the price was wrong and it changed from 30% off to 70%off! Boom! Sold SOLD SOLD!!!!

Rustan's Sale
From Jan 6-Feb 5 2012
Up to 70%off! (usually I don't believe this line, but now, I'm a believer!!! 70%off! wooootwoo!)

Now that's love!


Making that list

I stumbled upon this in one blog I follow, and decided to write my own list. It is supposedly for your life/career path list. I just think this is wise to write down for everyone- just so we could all look back in our life what our priorities, decisions, passions are. So if you don't own a blog, why not write it down in your journal? Do share your links in this blog! :)

1) I really enjoy... (list 15 things)

2) I am very good at... (list 15 things)

3) I am very interested in.. (list 15 things)

4) I don't do it much, but I like to... (list 5 things)

5) When I was a child, I wanted to be a.. (list 3 things)

6) If it weren't too late, I would... (list 3 things)

7) If money were not an object, I would... (list 5 things)

8) If my parents wouldn't object, I would... (list 5 things)

9) These are the people I admire... (list 3 names)

10) These are the people I secretly admire... (list 3 names)

11) The world is in need of more... (list 5 things)

12) I think God wants me to be... (list 2 things)

And while you're at it, make this last list:

The 10 Things You Accomplished This Year:


My list:

I really enjoy... (list 15 things)

1. reading books

2. people watching. seeing how people do their errands in their busy life, watching people's emotion, looking at people's life at bystander's perspective

3. cooking. well, learning to cook (more precisely). I think it's fun.

4. blogging. writing. sharing thoughts. making a voice.

5. coloring. I know it's kinda out of context answer. but i love coloring, drawing and scribbling. there's some peace in it.

6. watching movies.

7. listening to music

8. having coffee and just letting time pass.

9. travelling.

10. adventures.

11. photography-of people, nature,places,food.

12. sports.

13. eating? haha

14. seeing cute chubby kids and I'm willing to be their yaya for a day! :)

15. collecting. it's a weird hobby.

I am very good at... (list 15 things)

1. listening to people.

2. sleeping (yes!) hahaha. :)

3. conceptualizing. i sometimes can't sleep when my brain starts to conceptualize new ideas, new goals and stuffs.

4. color blocking. (related to no.5 above).. i think, since i grew up having too many crayolas (and been addicted to collecting them) at one point of my life- it made me more "artistically" skilled (READ: ndi yan talent ha.. skill! hard earned! hahaha..even if I don't even have an artistic side on me!) Would even assume this is why even I didn't have an artistic side (read: can't draw) but because i mixed my color well, I won once in a poster contest! (true story! hahahaa)

5. sports. sorry, kanya-kanyang claim na ito!

6. writing (again, I'm claiming it!) There was a time during high school when I wanted to write for our school newspaper but because of this classmate of mine (EIC) who handles our school newspaper back then decided not to give me even a chance.. I did took it against her (sorry). But for someone who wanted to write instead of "forcing" someone else to write.. I think that is just the crap of "cronies mentality" or maybe kasi my writing was never good enough for her standards. So I just let that one pass, but in me, I knew I had to prove to myself I am good enough to write. So I did. and I'm proud to say, my writings may not have won the Pulitzer prize but it definitely won me many other things. :p anyway, all is well. I think that "experience" taught me that yes, I have much more to learn in life, taught me to find ways when someone else turns you down, that I had to prove and improve myself, and that when one door closes then go for the window (it might be open for all you know). so yes, I am still thankful that that event happened in my life. Because even if I was never that "writer" back then (and maybe even now) may this blog be my own little spot, where I can call myself a writer/blogger. :)

7. math (even if my mom says otherwise!)

8. experimenting (for cooking)

9. advising (feeling ko lang! choz!)

10. being street smart, literally (a friend once told me, I know my ways in divisoria and Quiapo.Kaya lagi ako kaladkarin doon if they need a guide) It's all about learning the ways thru walking. :)

11. and with relation to no.10, i do well with shopping too! and making tawad! (bad vice!)

12. moving fast. acting fast. everything in a snap.

13. finding solutions

14. finding a good deal

15. sleeping (again! eh magaling talaga ako dito! promise!)

I am very interested in... (list 5 things)

1. philanthropy

2. technology improvements

3. life

4. travels

5. shopping

I don't do it much, but I like to... (list 5 things)

1. be better at photography

2. study more. I totally get it that in Medschool, hindi ka talaga mauubusan ng inaaral!

3. learn art of coffee making

4. learn aquaculture

5. have my own farm (with pigs, plants and mango trees)

When I was a child, I wanted to be... (list 3 things)

1. doctor

2. teacher

3. scientist

6) If it weren't too late, I would... (list 3 things)

1. enroll myself in dancing

2. learn how to paint

3. be a gymnast

If money were not an object, I would... (list 5 things)

1. travel the world

2. establish a foundation where I could finance Filipinos/small busineses/ entrepreneurs who needs start up money for their business without any collateral except to pay it forward to others as well.

3. establish a free public hospital

4. do a Manny Pacquaio move.. open my house to everyone and give money away.

5. buy Nike company. :)

If my parents wouldn't object, I would... (list 5 things)

1. travel the world

2. live in singapore or somewhere in Europe

3. study abroad

4. be a marine biologist

5. n/a

These are the people I admire... (list 3 names)

1. Oprah Winfrey

2. Phil Knight, Nike CEO

3. Steve Jobs

These are the people I secretly admire... (list 3 names)

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Anderson Cooper

3. Miranda Kerr

The world is in need of more... (list 5 things)

1. Honest and positive leaders

2. environmentalist.

3. happy people

4. movers and shakers

5. peace

I think God wants me to be... (list 2 things)

1. a doctor. I was given a sign and I will commit to finish this.

2. a life changer for someone else.

*opt not to make the 10 Accomplishment for 2011.. :) maybe will do that at the end of 2012.. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Because One day..

I'll start believing again...

in my own dreams. hope. love.

peace out.
jamie :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: GOALS

I'm gonna start another year with new set of goals, new perspectives and a LOT more to do. Here are my goals for 2012 (in no particular order since I'm just scribbling):

  • do something fun.
  • do something new
  • pass this semester
  • smile more.
  • be more approachable,happy, good vibe-y, enthusiastic and for the negas, well, learn to kill them with kindness. :)
  • appreciate life more
  • save more
  • travel more
  • visit a new country
  • reconnect with God
  • lose weight and go 3 dress size down
  • simplify life
  • buy heels and learn how to use them!
  • sleep early
  • fall in love
  • look for a new pet
  • learn new hobby
  • learn to cook new dishes
  • be more organize
  • color my hair red
  • lessen impulsive buying
  • be more financially mature.
  • learn to invest
  • learn something new
  • go back to flag football
  • go back to frisbee
  • learn new sport
  • join new org
  • meet more people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • add new items for my collection (watches and books)
  • be happy;
  • and be less stressed with stuff
  • travel alone
  • fill up 2 piggy bank
  • blog more
  • less FB
  • learn to forgive and let go.
  • organize my series files
  • and my photo files
  • learn new sport
  • say sorry and thank you more.
  • study harder!
  • and be grateful. :)
( i think these are realistic enough :))

2012- I'll make you my YEAR!