Tuesday, February 22, 2011


10. your most recent picture.

Life is simpler. Learned so much. then grew up wiser. stronger. better. and I no longer afraid to fall.


oh, and my hair is back to black. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

One day

So here's a first...

One day, we decided to head to Philippine's National Museum...

and was just amazed at Juan Luna's Spolarium painting! It was HUGE!

I've seen this painting on my ELEMENTARY HISTORY BOOK! AMAZING! The first Christian mass in the Philippines.



WHO knew Philippines have such beautiful history to share to the world?

and I just wish Filipinos can see it with their own eyes how truly truly beautiful it is.

and hey, it's for free. So please do visit our National Museum. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

you make me feel like a natural woman.

to those who made this day extra special, thank you.

you made me feel loved. made me feel like a natural woman. :)

hahaha.. Chivarly in modern times is just <3!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

to my future boyfriend/husband/life partner

To you,

Please know these:
  • when I chose to commit with you, I want you to trust me. I chose you because I'm ready to settle with you forever. My only dream is we could reach and celebrate our 50th anniversary like my grandma n grandpa did.
  • that when I say I love you, it's true. I will never blurt those three words unless I meant it. Besides, I never use those words loosely.
  • when I'm angry, sad, or just not in the mood- Simplest things can make me happy. Woo me. make me happy. and again, I'll love you to pieces.
  • if you love me, treat me like I am worth everything to you.
  • there will be days, I'm moody and complicated. just stay by my side and let me sift through my emotions.
  • that I'll never be perfect so don't expect me to be.
  • respect me.
  • treat every women like queens because believe me, you'll be treated like a king in return.
  • please don't always go looking for me and texting me on an hourly basis:" where are you?" "what are you doing" et.al. There's a difference between caring and being an obsessive partner. just the right one lang ha.
  • love my family because they are the reason for my living.
  • gift me just because. little notes, love letters,flowers, gifts, anything. if you love me, you need not find a reason of occasion just to give. If you love me, its already an enough reason just to. its never about the price tag of an item but the thought that came with it.
  • that I want you to always be there on "my side". again, trust. companionship.love.
  • be honest with me.
  • please be more understanding when we girls are pms-ing. It's already a bad day for us, so huwag ka na sumabay!
  • and a little surprise will go a long way.
  • never forget to say i love you everyday. hug is extra. kiss is extra. then repeat.


(So whoever may read this, Nope I still don't have a BF but if I plan to, I just want him to know these... :) )

Huppy balentayns day!