Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its official...

Official photos of AXN asia for the Big Challenge are already up in their site. haha.. :)

here's the link

even my relsfor classmates were in that site! hahahaha. :D

the question is: bakit wala kaming photo nung mga challenges? maybe we're always at the wrong place at the wrong moment.. hahaha



So my relatives joined the Condura Run 09'.. I would've went too if not for stupid school works. But what amazed me was that shoti joined! and he finished it hahahaha. :D

the official lists of the Condura Run was posted in today's newspaper.. and as i checked it out.. although i'm not so sure (since baka pwde magkaroon ng same names..) here are the official finisher listings whom i know:

10K RUN out of 1313 participants

Mother: finished 1202

Aunt susan: finished 1203

uncle peter: 998

Ira: 1207


Kc: 1264


jenny: 1276

For 5K run (out of 1792):

Jason: 283! (wow!)

kevin: 595

aunt baby: 1512


Aunt helen: 1632

courtney 1633

atsi shiela: 1343

Charlotte: 1571

others.. i still haven't found their name yet... :)


Konichiwa everyone. I've been away to my blog for quite some few days now. I've been busy with school, and with some personal problems.

Heck. it was hell week all over. So let me sum up whats happening with me:

1. Thesis: At last i'm finish writing my final draft for thesis! whopee! i spent 2 sleepless nights and one whole night with my adviser just to finish it. I've never felt this satisified and happy and proud and grateful.

2. to Dr. C., my utmost thank you. seriously. This week was like hell and she was the only best thing that happened to me. :D

3. speaking of thesis, my defense is on tues. Wish me(sheryl, joan and jaika) luck. we really need it. *crossfinger*

4.i'm hating my mircobiology. BIG TIME. i am sure its not the lesson itself i'm hating. but instead the prof i have. urgh. haay. i really hope i can passed this class and leave it all behind me. lordhelpme.

5. this month, I won 3 prizes from a certain contest. haha. small stuff again.

6. I am hating birthdays. mine personally.

7. I made my first yogurt! haha. (such stupid little things i've never got to do in highschool since my highschool never had this in lab).

it taste okay.. i guess. hahaha..

8. By monday, we'll then taste my first self-made wine!

9. let me also share this, to those who've been buying drinks from Animo, the melon thingy with orange color drink.. please stop buying that drink.. just tested that one and initial results shows coliform growth. eiw. by next week, we'll have the specific species growing.. i'll share some photos if u want. haha.

10. these past few days, i wast damn sick. ang hirap. shoot. I was sneezing like hell, then had colds, cough, headache and dysmeno, yup what a hell week it was.. Nakaubos ako ng isang 3-ply tissue all because of sneezing and my cold! but thank you, i am better now.

11. 2 more weeks! i wish summer is here.

12. As you all know, Tony Blair was here last weekend. Wish I saw him. too bad the ticket was too costly. P25,000 (cheapest was 1,000) for just seeing him. haay. Would you pay that much to just see him? That amount is yet to be taxed. hah!

13. I'm looking for someone who wants to join me for skydiving? anyone?

14. since i've turned 21 nah, something will change. gone are those days i will let anyone step on me, gone are those days that "certain" asshole people to get the best of me and gone are those days, i kept mum on my views. the old jamie is back!

15. me and k. are hating a certain bruhaha in our class. nako ang sarap patayin! tsk tsk. parang dingding...

16. I wish I can learn how to be semi-taklesa.

17. and thank you to all of those who remembered my birthday. sorry if wasn't able to say thanks. SO THANK YOU. u know who u are. :)

un lang.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Mario Dimayuga...

credit from: Chuvaness
The Story of Mario Dimayuga..

Bill Gates organized an enormous session to recruit a new chairman for Microsoft Europe.
5000 candidates assembled in a large room.
One candidate was MARIO DIMAYUGA.
Bill Gates: "Thank you for coming. We'll do this by process of elimination to speed up the process. Those who do not know JAVA may leave."
2,000 people left the room.
MARIO said to himself, "Naku! I do not know JAVA but I have nothing to lose if I stay. I'll give it a try."
Bill Gates: "Candidates with no experience managing more than 1000 employees may leave."
2000 people left the room.
Mario said to himself, "Lagot! I never managed anybody but myself but I'm staying. What could happen to me?"
Bill Gates: "Candidates without management diplomas may leave."
500 people left the room.
Mario said to himself, "Asus! I never even graduated, but what have I got to lose?"
So he stayed.
Lastly, Bill Gates asked candidates who did not speak Serbo-Croat to leave.
498 people left the room.
Mario says to himself, "Patay! Ano yon??? But I've gotten this far, I have to stay on."
So he stayed and found himself standing with only one other candidate in the room. Everyone else had eliminated themselves.
Bill Gates joined both candidates and said: "Apparently you two are the only candidates with terrific management skills speaking Serbo-Croat, so I'd now like to hear you converse in that language."
Calmly, Mario turned to the other candidate and said, "Kumusta ka, pare ko"
Without batting an eyelash, the other candidate replied, "Mabuti naman. Ikaw?
the ingenuity of the Filipinos!
i hope you had a good laugh, we all need it sometimes! :D

Monday, March 9, 2009

SHIP ahoy!

Last saturday, I've decided to check out MV duolos, the world's largest floating book fair (by Guiness), docked in Pier 13, Gate 1 in Manila South Harbor...

The sun was up so high, it was so damn hot. Also, aboarded, i was becoming sea sick.. weird. Since i don't usually get sea sick and the ship was docked. but yeah.. i was having a slight nausea.. Sadly, bought no book at all. maybe one reason was i was in no mood (sea sick) and second, most of the book are not what i was looking for. Most of the book offered are for kids, christian books and cookbooks. but yes, some of the prices we're really cheap. I almost bought a Medical handbook because its was CHEAP (which I doubt would be using.. haha..)
So instead, to make the most of my trip I've just took a tour aorund the ship..
Manned by volunteers from around the world.. Awesome jobs, i think.. ( I've checked their site.. and you could actually apply for as volunteers.. but mind you, you work as volunteers, thus no pay.) i'd still say, its an awesome job going around the world. :)

books ranges from 50 bucks (or $1) to around 1000 bucks ($10).. Some cheap deals were their dictionary for 50 bucks only! haha. and some books were on sale. :)

hohumm. sadly no famous authors.. and no pocket books... i could have enjoyed this ship.. (even for the nausea it was doing to me)

and perhaps I was expecting something much bigger.. too bad it was smaller than i thought. :/

but i think, its worth checking the MV duolos atleast once. hehe. :)
it will be on dock until March 31.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Game Plan

ugh sadly,I've been very busy this past few days.. and am quite irritated with school works.. crap.

so here's whats bugging me for the next few days/months:

4. I want to go somewhere. far.
5. Join one of this, sometime soon.i want! :)
10. KILL HAIR. haha.
11. Conquer CEBU.
12. or BOHOL.
13. eat LECHON. ( with Anthony Buordain's LECHON experience here in the Phil. and declaring it as his BEST LECHON he've ever tasted.. i'm dying to eat one, specifically in no. 11).
14. REST.. NOW.
15. LOSE Weight. (HOW? when I'm planning NO. 5 and No. 13?) :p

thats it.
blaah.. nice update J.