Monday, February 23, 2009

Job Interview..

Okay, just received 2 calls for a job interview this week... and this time i plan to make sipot ( show face).. unlike the other jobs i applied for...hahaha...


edit: or maybe not afterall... hahaha.. oops i did it again...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My LIST. (updated)

hello earthlings... This blog is back active again.. yahoo.. anyway, i found one entry of mine that had been in draft for 2 yrs now! so maybe, now is the time to publish it.. haay... i've added a few things also.. medyo updated na sha.. :)


**lets just put it in one long list. :)

Something about life:

*I wish for Happiness;

* for peace;

* for calmness and more understanding.

* be successful


* become FR.

* have kids.

* be a doctor.

* or maybe a diplomat.

* or maybe a stewardess.

* or maybe a resto owner.

* be a chef. (:

* i want to have a work in the future. (:

*be a philantrophist.

*Settle down around the age of 30-35 and not now ( not in my 20's). I have so many plans I still want to do..

*learn the art of patience


* See the Artics. before it melts.

*Visit 7 wonders of the world.

* go around the world for free. (:

* have a travel buddy and we'll see the world together. (:

* our 2nd time Star Cruise ( a promise made!) :)

* live in Singapore. my fave place.

* Visit the happiest place on TOKYO. (DISNEY TOKYO)

* have a Food world trip. :)

* SKor, Dubai, Australia,Greece,Paris are on my top list of destination I would want to visit

* Visit Famous Landmarks.

*see the Full House

* see great barrier reef


* meet Oprah.

* Be in Oprah's my favorite things show.

* want to meet MGG. ( i can't remember who this is...)

* meet an international star.

* have a pic taken w/ ^^.

*Watch Ellen

*See Pi

* Have Rain's album signed

* meet Kofi Annan

* meet David Beckham


*be at 50th floor or higher. :)

* ride a hot air balloon

* do parasailing

* buy something really really expensive w/ own hard earned cash

* do surfing

* Learn how to surf..

* have my own board.

* watch one game of Federer live

* Have tea with a Royalty ( I have Queen Elizabeth in mind...tapos magchichismisan kami. :) hihi )

* Visit the Moon. or Mars

* have my hair colored red

*or blue

* or anything metallic

* see a ghost

* see a 30 or more carat of diamond

*bungee jump

* free fall sky jump

* be in International TV. ( for good reasons of course (:)

* ride a Ferrari

* ride a real Bull

*ride a camel

*swim with Dolphins

* swim with Stingless jellyfish

*learn french

*learn japanese

*learn korean

*get a licensed in Scuba diving

*live in an igloo

* work for a zoo

*See myself on television.

*try fishing

*See myself on newspaper/magazine

* Win a trophy

* Ride a cruise around Manila Bay

*travel in local destination (ie. Visayas or Mindanao destination)

*Audition for TV contests

*MRT, LRT1 and LRT2 roundtrip

*Wall climbing

*Eat live animal/insect

*No sleep for 1 day

*Enter MalacaƱang Palace

*Helicopter ride

*No talk for 1 day

* try Golf

*Eat in an all-you-can-eat in an Indian restaurant

*Be a call center agent

*Be a Barista

*E-mail a politician

*Join a rally

* Join a NGO

*Bake a cake

*Watch a runway show

*Be in a live studio audience on TV

*Read the entire Bible

*learn one long musical piece using any musical instrument

*Have a pen pal from abroad

*Read your own article in a broadsheet, tabloid, magazine or school paper

*Walk in a rice field

*Watch Oblation run

*Bon fire with friends

*Donate a blood

*Talk to a native person

*Enter a cave

*Join a game show / reality show

*Have a fortune tell in Quiapo

*Study in other country (enrolled kahit one term lang)

*learn ice hockey

*Own a business

*Graduate in college

*Enter a prison hall / rehab

*Work in a fast food

*Touch a snow

*Win in a raffle/lottery/text promo

* fill a piggy bank full

*Enter a comedy bar

*Be a Godparent

*Learn the motorbike/scooter

*kiss a stranger accidentally

*Plant a plant and have it bear fruit

*See a planet through telescope

*see a comet

*see a shooting star

*see a meteor shower

*have someone name a star/flower/a thing for me.

*Be at two places at one time


*Jump in a water fall

*ride an Ostrich

*Own a website

*Ride a limousine


(haha.. some of the new updates were from someone else list.. well, we have some same list so i just copy paste it from somehwere... :)) whoever he was.. tnx.. :)

Friday, February 20, 2009


Hi, i have just met the most self-centered man right now as I am writing this..


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If you were to bet on six numbers for Lotto? Whats your nos?


3 18 11 28 14 5

go bet my no.!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing Thailand!

I am back from a 4-day to Thailand and boy do i have many new experiences to share..

the last time i've been to Thailand was 4 years ago, and 4 yrs ago I still had a film camera thus i have booboo photos.. fast forward- now I came back to Thailand and Thailand had vastly changed.. and this time around, we just didn't do a shopping trip, we did a cultural trip which was so much fun and really nice!

some highlights of the trip:

Thailand was in their Winter Season (meaning 26-34 degree Celsius) ang init!

Stayed in Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok.. which was a 5-6 star Hotel and a night cost about P18000! whoop.

seen in the room as a welcome treat, a really small banana (smaller than a senyorita).. haha.. :D

Obligatory Jump! hahaha... other tourists were also taking our pics haha.. :P

This guard was smiling! hahaha.

its like Disneyland.. :)
rode the James Bond Boat in Tha Chang Wang Luang

went to watch Siam Niramit. Amazing Show! a definite must see! (cost about 1000+baht)
got carried by an Elephant hahaha. :D

Visited the War Cemetery and Museum in Kanchanaburi
Road a real Old type Train which connects Thailand to Siam
Ate alot! one of our meals is at a Jungle Restaurant.. :)

visited Tiger Temple and got close with monks and tamed Tigers..

had barbeque buffet dinner by the bay at Mandarin Hotel..

Spa at Tria Spa Wellness Center

looook! aaaah! just like old times in CHINA! :)

remember my list? was able to do one! ( Experience to be at 50th floor or higher!) yay! :)

and on our last night, spent it at the OpenBar on top of our Hotel which was in 62nd floor!

We also went to Patpong.. they say you've never visited Thailand unless you visited Patpong.. it was a really really new experience for me.. it left me in weird feelings about so many things.. haha if you wanna know wat you can see in Patpong, try to search it in yahoo.. you'd be surprise.. hahaha...

more photos in my multiply!


okay back to normal boring student life... :/

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My dog just won!

hahaha.. now this is really funny.. my dog just won in the contest "Marley and friends" held by Fullybooked..The contest was about sharing a photo/vid of your dog doing anything naughty,silly or just plain funny..

with other naughty doggies too!

Although the prize isn't that much of a biggie, i am just super happy that my dog has won... hahaha... anyway, i won a "Marley and Me"goodie bag with tickets to the movie I think.. ( but I saw this movie nah.. though, slept after wathcing 3/4 of the movie.. since it was already 2am when i watched it..) so I should watch it again! :)
thanks Fully booked!

what a week this was!

Thank you whoever you are sending all this good stuff to me.. :)

got photos from fully booked. :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Guess where am I going tomorrow!?!

Yes! you've guessed it right! Thailand!
Just received a call from a relative awhile ago and asking me if i want to go to Thailand with them.. Of course, the answer was YES YES YES! hahaha...
so now, i must pack since the flight is tomorrow.. hahaha..
that means i'll skip class tomorrow too.. :)
Spicy noodles! curry! sticky rice! tuktuk! here I come!

and to add a cherry on top of everything, we're staying in Banyan Tree Hotel, a 5 star hotel that comes with world renowned SPA..
just the word SPA makes me happy... :)

fairy godmother must be sprinkling her fairy dust on me!! =D

One month!


i am not sure who read my blog but just incase I know you and you know me and you happen to see me please help me with my one month resolution(s):

1. Stop drinking soda for a month (and juice too)
2. exercise daily..

un lang! i can't put anymore since the first one is already hard and the 2nd one can easily be broken by me.. haha..

So as of today I imposed those two resolution till I can.. so help me God..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

AXN Big Challenge!

Hells Bells...

We won 2nd Place from yesterday's event.. haha.. sorry.. i am such a loser at making kwento right now.. but if you wanna know more about the whole story click this

hahaha.. okay... thats it..

life is good.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

SEE YOU there! :)

hahahaha.. We're IN!!!
LOL. wow.. miracles do happen.. haha.. :)
see you there.. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

for the bored people..

This is totally amazing..

A Super hi-definition 2009 photo of the Inaguration Day taken with a robotic camera and weighs in at 1474 megapixel.. totally amazing.. haha..

click here

zoom it in, zoom it out! wooh

now go find these people:

Aretha Franklin (Clue: watch for the hat.. hehe :)

Yo-yo Ma (standing and taking pictures with his iPhone..)

Oprah Winfrey ( i'm still looking for her.. haha.. :))

happy hunting! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

ANAK ng Tokwa!

damn it.. what a frustrating life this is...

haaay.. First, Roger just lose to Nadal.. and watching the game made me sad BIG time... plus he cried in the end which made me felt double sad.. damn it. :`C

At the awarding: Roger said ,sobbing: "Maybe I'll try later. God, it's killing me… (to Rafa) You deserved it. You played a fantastic final."

And at Rafa's speech: "Roger, sorry for today. I really know how you feel right now. Remember, you're a great champion, you're one of the best in history."

Damn it..

and this week worst news i've received: I am just 6 days old-er to even apply to the JAPANESE SCHOLARSHIP! damn it! why was I even born in March.. haay sad.. and this is really lame lame lame..nakakafrustrate!

Goodbye dreams. farewell to the possibility... :C