Friday, April 8, 2016

Recipe: Magnolia Chicken Bomb Wrap

I have been living alone for more than 10 years now and I must say that living solo can sometimes be really nice and at times, you would wish for the comfort of having some help at home (such as a maid whipping a meal for you)! But I guess living alone has its perks too. One of which is learning how to be a grown up and learning things on your own such as making your own meal (which I have been very good at now). 

This is why I wanna share an easy, healthy, hearty meal I love to make. My Magnolia Chicken Bomb Wrap. It's easy to do and a really satisfying baon for any time of the day!

Magnolia Chicken Bomb Wrap


1. Magnolia Premium Chicken Breast
2. Magnolia All Purpose Flour (for breading)
3. Magnolia Quickmelt Cheese (grated)
4. Magnolia Nutri-Oil Cooking oil
5. 2 Tbsp Magnolia Cream Cheese

6. Bread Crumbs (for breading)
7. 1 whole egg (for breading)
8. 10 pcs. Spinach Leaves (washed and removed from stem)
9. Black rice pre-cooked (option: can use white rice but black rice is more healthy :))
10. 1 sliced green apple (sliced into sticks)
11. Lettuce 
12. Tortilla Wrap (available in supermarket)
13. Salt and pepper to taste
14. 2 tsp oyster sauce
15. Ranch dressing

1. Preheat cooking pan with Magnolia Nutri-Oil, lightly saute the spinach leaves with the oyster sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste.

2.  In a mixing bowl, mix Magnolia grated cheese, Magnolia Cream Cheese and Spinach. This will be your chicken filling.

3. With your chicken breast, cut and make a pocket on your chicken breast and place 1-2 tbsp of your spinach cheese filling.

4.Secure your chicken bomb with toothpicks

5. Bread your chicken bomb. Here's a tip: It should always be dry-wet-dry. So start dipping your chicken in the flour bowl, then in the battered egg, then last in the breading.

6. In a frying pan or fryer, place and cook your chicken until golden brown.

7.Once chicken is cooked, set aside and start assembling your chicken wrap. 

8. In your tortilla wrap, place your lettuce, black rice, apple sticks,chicken bomb and ranch dressing.

9. Wrap your chicken and tadaaaaah, you're done! 

Eating has been my passion but in order to satisfy that passion, I've learned to cook meals that I loved to eat because it wont be always that I can go out and get a meal at a specific hour of craving. Hence, the learning came from necessity and it some how turned into a passion as well. My Magnolia Chicken Bomb Wrap is one healthy alternative option to those who wanted to have a satisfying meal but with lesser calories (especially since summer is coming! Hello Bikini!!). It so easy to do and I can promise you it really really tastes good too!  Your Fried Chicken will never be the same! Like Home Foodie's motto:  it definitely is Masarap, Masustansya at Kayang- Kaya (delicious, healthy and easy to do)! So do try this at home! :)

Lastly, as you can see in my recipe I love using SMPC products because aside from it being of good quality, I am assured of its freshness, availability in the market, and very reasonably market price. SMPC products are available nationwide!
Jamie :)

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