Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

When I was young, I had this recurring dream about how I would want to spend Christmas. One, that sorta resembled the story of “Home Alone” wherein Kevin McCalister was accidentally left behind by his family at home while the rest of the family left for a Christmas vacation. Likewise, I always dreamt about being accidentally left behind on Christmas (as a child) but instead being left at home; my dream was about being left at a Mall! Yes, it sounds crazy! But I had this crazy thought How wonderful it must be to be left at the mall during closed hours wherein they have everything that you would need in this lifetime,you can roam around the mall, get all the barbies that you want, ride the carousel non-stop,spend time trying out clothes, eat all the food you can imagine without supervisions!

But then again, that was a child’s dream. Nowadays, I know it sounds so farfetched to even happen in reality. (That would be robbery) Lol.  I guess this was the reason why I’ve become a mall-rat at present. I really love malls. I believe they are sanctuaries in the city wherein I can spend hours and hours going around. And Just like SM’s tagline:” We got it all for you”. They truly have everything you need (or imagine to need!)

This is why I wanted to try my luck and somehow make my childhood dream of spending a Christmas at the mall and just shop like there’s no tomorrow. Can I make my childhood dream now a reality? I guess SM Supermall can make it happen. 

When asked what I would do just in case I had 25,000 pesos to shop anywhere in SM?

My answers would be pretty easy! (I already had this mentally noted for a very long time!)

For Myself:
  •   Wardrobe update.

 Working as a Doctor, the only thing that is not bland in my uniform is my top. So I would usually scour SM department stores for tops and sometimes dresses because they really have nice clothes at affordable prices (especially during sales!)
I usually would do a round-up on SM woman, GTW and Coca Cabana.  I love their pieces and I usually can’t leave the department store without a purchase.

I also have another secret shopping spot at SM. I love shopping at SM Kultura. It's a shopping haven, I tell you!

 The pieces of bags, clothes, jewelries have Filipino touch but a modern touch to it.

 It's also a plus that these pieces are conversation starter! Banig bags, anyone?

  • Home Decors, Furnitures and Fixture
I think one of my obssession right now is fixing my bedroom. So if given 25,000 pesos I think, I’d gladly buy that John Lewis Duvet I’ve been eyeing for so long whenever I pass by the furniture level and beddings! Don’t you think it’s heavenly? Sleep will definitely come fast!

John Lewis Duvet (SRP ~ P6000)
  • ·      Oster Blender

I’ve always wanted one but always seem to hold on buying one.  Maybe it was because I always wanted someone to buy it for me but I guess now is the time that I say this one is no longer a WANT but rather a NEED. I need to start learning how to be more healthy hence I need a new blender which is easy to use, more practical and it’s a personal jug wherein you can easily bring anywhere after blend since the jug itself is the blender! Don't you just love the colors too?

Oster Blender (SRP: P1499)

For the loved Ones:

Mommy:  Mom loves to cook and this Philip Air Fryer would definitely be a hit for mom! It is one of the best innovation I've seen in the market! It lets you cook with the need of oil and frying pan! It's both healthy and so easy to use! Just put in your meat, fries, fish or anything that you would usually fry or bake and then set in the time... and Viola, it's cooked!

Philips Air Fryer (SRP: P10,000+)

Daddy: Dad is so Bagets (read: Young). He recently discovered wearing sneakers, rubber shoes and boat shoes. So this Christmas, I know that he would love to receive a New Balance rubber shoes. I've recently seen one at the department store he would really like. Something like this :)

New Balance Rubber Shoes (SRP ~P3000-5500)

Brothers: My Brothers are very easy to give gifts to. They love anything Nike. So whether its the newest Lebron, a new Pro-Combat compression or just a nice shorts or socks; they would love you for it! So yes, I think it's gonna be Nike again this year. lol :)

For the Community.

One of the organization that I support and truly appreciative of is Youth Sports Advocacy Philippines. It's an organization created by Filipino Athletes to share their skills, to teach, to empower children to play outside, to learn something new while imparting good values for the development of the youth's athletics skills, discipline, motivation and commitment for the betterment of our society.  The organization would usually invite people to join on a weekend visit to an orphanage, a Barangay or even a school wherein they would immerse and teach the kids of the sport they love. It bring such joy seeing these kids learn a new sport, creating camaraderie and just learning how to be a kid at this present generation.

It truly is easy to help. Whether you spend a weekend with these kids, teaching them what you love  or even by donating new sports equipment for them to use. So yes, If I do be given a chance to shop for 25,000; wouldn't it be nice to buy new equipments for these kids to enjoy? Because you know what, there is no better thing in this world than a smile and a thank you coming from a child- this is one gift for your heart. :)

Christmas is truly a time of giving. So I hope you can take gifting to the next level whether it be for your loved ones, friends, yourself or an org you support to. Never miss anyone on your list and let the shopping begin! SM Supermalls have some of the best promos and deals you can get for Christmas so don't forget to visit their site for the latest promos.

 “For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”

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