Friday, August 15, 2014

Going YESSS, YAMAN with my 4 Pre-Loved Items!!

Do you have items you used to love but now had been lying around the house and becomes a clutter in your life? You might want to think about giving those preloved items a new home and a new owner to take care and value these items.

So I tried to scour my things for 4 things I wanted to sell. I have so many stuff I want to sell! Sometimes, "nanghihinayang" ako because I barely use these stuff and that I know selling them to someone who can value and use them to their maximum use would give the value of these item become more personal and as they say:"a well-used and well-loved item" run for the money.

So you might ask? Where now can I sell my preloved item?? Well, the best way is to sell them online thru !

It's so easy to use! Just register. Post.  and Sell! That easy!

Wanna see what I am planning to sell? You might want to get these.. :)

1. Double heart Costume jewelry earring (Selling it approx ~ 300pesos)

this piece of jewelry came from the 60's. One of mom's heirloom gifts. Although its not of any value (read: expensive jewelry), Costume jewelries were the raves back then and its coming back in style! Believe me, its a beautiful piece. Imagine wearing it in a party with a black dress on. No need for any other jewelry anymore. :)

2.Pocketbooks and more Pocketbooks! (approx selling from 100-200 pesos)
I don't know anyone who doesn't love the feel of leafing through books! I fell in love with books at an early age. It expanded my horizon and broaden my imaginations thru leaps and bounds. Since my room is almost full to more than a thousand books, I decided to give some of my books their new home. These were really loved. From young adult, romance, historical romance, sci-fi, biographies, travel books. I've read so many books that I think anyone who wanted to give these books a new home will find something here to take home. :)

3. NIKON D40 complete set with 18-5mm lens and 1GB sd card (price to follow)

This one was special. I won it in one raffle draw that I never ever ever had expected! Brand new and fresh out of the box, this Nikon D40 is a good start up camera who wants to shift to SLR camera from their point and shoot camera. Here are it's key features:

Key features

  • 6 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop, as D50)
  • Nikon Image processing engine (as D80 / D200)
  • 3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor (as D80 / D50)
  • New Multi-CAM530 three area AF sensor
  • ISO sensitivity range 200 - 1600 plus HI 1 (3200 equiv.)
  • Custom Auto ISO (selectable maximum ISO, minimum shutter speed)
  • 2.5 fps continuous shooting (as D50), unlimited in JPEG
  • No status LCD, new LCD monitor based status / settings screens
  • Help suggestions on LCD monitor (eg. scene too dark, try using flash)
  • Large 2.5" 230,000 pixel LCD monitor
  • Bigger viewfinder view (x0.8 magnification, 95% coverage)
  • Short shutter lag and viewfinder blackout
  • Support for SDHC (SD cards over 2 GB in capacity)
  • In-camera retouching
    • D-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement)
    • Red-eye reduction
    • Trimming
    • Monochrome
    • Filter effects
    • Small picture
    • Image overlay
  • USB 2.0 with PTP and Mass Storage device support
  • Very compact, light body (smaller, lighter than D50)
  • Improved menu user interface (as D80 / D200)
  • New EN-EL9 Lithium-Ion battery (7.2V, 1000 mAh)
  • New 'Version II' AF-S DX 18-55 mm kit lens
4. Michael Kors Chronograph watch ( approx~ 4000pesos)

I love men's watch. Big,bulky, and aesthetically beautiful, men's watch have been part of my watch collection. One piece I'm planning to sell is this Michael Kors Men Chronograph watch I got recently from a friend. It comes with a rubber strap and it's such easy to pair with any outfit! I think this will be a good buy at 4k pesos right? :)

So fancy buying anything from my stash? 

Head on to and check these items now!

Because with OLX.PH, yesssss, yaman!

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