Monday, June 9, 2014

My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge.

I know I should start my blog by saying how much us Filipino love our food and love the company that comes along while eating (and cooking)!  Besides, we are very well known for our hospitality and closeness to our family.. Eating and cooking great meals are instant bonding if I may say! 

So along with eating.. much need to be said how Filipinos are wonderful cook! San Miguel Purefoods My Great Food challenged filipinos with a 15-second cooking video Challenge!

15 Seconds?! Hmmm... I think I can manage that! Besides, since I am busy with medschool, I've come to learn how to cook quick meals that would take 10-15minutes top. But to make a 15 seconds video cooking demo is definitely a new challenge! So let me show you my entry. Marinated Pork Belly Kimchi Rice! I love a spicy dish and to infuse Filipino and Korean in a dish is something new and yet it works so well! So watch my l5 second video on how to make this yummy dish! :)

My Marinated Pork Belly with Kimchi Rice Recipe

1-2 cups of rice (depending how many will eat)
1 whole sweet medium white onion (minced)
3 cloves of garlic (minced)
2 tablespoon Korean Chili Paste
2 tablespoon Magnolia Star Margarine
Onion leeks (cut)
Salt and Pepper to taste
Monterey Marinated Pork Belly

or you can visit my instagram page to watch the video.
To Cook the Marinated Pork Belly:
You can opt to grill or fry the Pork Belly depending on your preference.
(I chose to cook mine with an Airfryer! Saved me some time and less oil! :))
Once cooked, set aside!

To cook the Kimchi rice:
 1. In a heated pan, put in 2 tablespoon of Magnolia Star Margarine.
2.Saute Garlic and Onion
3. Once slighty cooked, add in your rice then mix.
4. Add in 2 tablespoon of Korean Chili Paste
5. Cook for 5 minutes
6. Add Salt and pepper to taste
7. Add in onion leeks
and then you're done!!

Assemble your meal with the Marinated Pork Belly on top of the Kimchi Rice!

Quick and Easy!! But definitely mouthwatering delicious!

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