Friday, May 9, 2014

Styled my Mom with M&S

Mom used to dress sophisticatedly. She used to have all those beautiful dresses in her dresser, bags and heels that goes from Louis, Ferragamo to Prada. She would have time to fix herself in her table mirror, seeing her put on her make-up and putting on fragrance that smelled so divine that whenever she passes by, you just can't help but follow her scent.  Mommy was beautiful in my eyes (and she still is beautiful to me now). She was my fashion icon and back then when I was a kid and used to see her dress up, I can't help but sit next to her and just watch how she would put on her make-up and time would just stand still.

Mommy all dolled up during my sister's christening.

Mommy used to be so "fasyoooon" (fashion-forward) and I guess after 20+ years and having 5 kids after, things slowly made a turn around. Mommy changed the way she dressed. If there was one thing I noticed the way mom dressed now was that mom would always one PERMANENT DRESS CODE! Can you guess what it is from the photos below??

Soooo... have you guessed it?  If you have keen attention to details you would notice that my mom's permanent dress code is dressing in JOGGING PANTS whatever the occasion is! YUP! JOGGING pants!!!! May it be a formal event, to the beach or just any typical day of my mom- she would always wear the her jogging pants!  I once even asked mom what happened to her and why the sudden change in the way she dressed.. and mom would just answer me:" Because jogging pants are more comfortable.."

Ayayayayay! MOMMY!!!

And soooo... this is the reason why I want to have that chance to style my mom!

I think my mom badly needs a styling makeover! (Hi mom! Sorry if your reading this entry! :)) and so, if ever I do get a chance to change the way my mom would dress- I'll definitely bring the old mommy I used to know.. the sophisticated, fashion forward mom I used to look up to when it comes to dressing nicely!

So, for style peg for my mom, I wanted Mom to dress age-appropriately but with sophistication, and the comfort that she wants. The first thing that came to my mind was Kris Jenner and how she would dress up.

I think mom and Kris Jenner have a lot of things in common, both are career oriented moms, with many children to take care of, and of course, both of them rule the world their own ways!

Luckily, when I saw that there was a  challenge of styling your mom with Mark & Spencer, I knew I just had to join! Mom loves Mark & Spencer and all her lingerie are from this store!  So at least that's a minus of a problem from dressing my mom because mom chooses well when it comes to her undergarments! :)

So after going around the store, I finally found the stuff I think my mom would approved of, I would approved of and my family would say "Vavavooom" when mom would wear it!

  M&S Long Sleeved Leopard print polo. 
For casual wear, weather appropriate, easy wear and encompasses all ages!  Kris Jenner would approve of this!

 M&S Indigo Jeggings!
and the biggest turn around for mom! Saying goodbye to big and baggy jogging pants and saying HELLO to jeggings!!! I know mom wants comfort and I think Jeggings are really smart wear when you don't want to wear thick denim pants (especially in our crazy hot weather!) and want the comfort of being covered without the extra added layer.. and you know what, Mark and Spencer carries amazing jeggings (that really doesn't look like jeggings but more like denim pants!). I know my mom would love this!

and for some Accessories add ons!
  M&S Red Clutch

 M&S  Black Patent heels

 M&S  Gold Necklace

and the overall look (which I wore for mom's peg! since mom can't be with me here in Manila and so I took over and wore it for demonstration purpose.. :))
It's simple, it's elegant and mom will definitely wear this no frill, sophisticated look!

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