Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Okay, so I have a secret to share to you guys.. Well, its not much of a secret.. as I have been sharing some of my travels here in my blog. I love to travel and as much as I want to travel endlessly; budget (and time) can be an issue. So I think I need to let you guys in on a secret on how to travel CHEAP! AS IN CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! First priority on travelling cheap is scoring a cheap plane ticket! and yes, I've been getting some good deals that are definitely hard to resist and hopefully this entry can inspire you guys to see how amazing it is to travel without breaking much of your budget!

Nowadays, airline companies have competitive marketing strategies to sell plane seats at really affordable prices. Sometimes, the cost of an international plane ride is even cheaper than a local bus ticket! WEIRD, but true! So if you ask me, what was the cheapest flight I was able to score?

My answer? ZERO! 0!!!!

I scored several plane tickets with zero fare, zero tax, zero payment!! YES, ZERO!

At first, I thought it was just a computer glitch when I purchased my tickets. But then I called in on the customer service just to verify and even them, they were quite surprised I was able to get tickets for free! But they said that it could happen and that yes, my tickets are all valid! (and yes, I can verify that they were valid since I was able to fly out using my ticket!:))

I know you're next question.. HOW.. HOW DID I SCORE FREE TICKETS?

okay here are my tips:
1. Connect through different airline sites (via fb, twitter, mail, instagram) to receive their updates and newest promo deals. 
2. Make sure to also sign up on their site so just incase a new promo deal comes up, you already have an account within their site and making your transactions faster!
3. Remember, patience is the key! (and mind you, I am the least patient person I know.. But for the sake of scoring an awesome cheap ticket, I am willing to wait till midnight and wait  for the loading icons. LOL)
4. Always expect a good promo deal on local/international occasions ( ex. piso flights on new year!) :)
5. Once promos get posted on midnight, better be quick on checking available promo dates! It's about beating people for those seat sale! :)

So just be patient, be updated and be quite amazed how cheap flight tickets are now! 

(MY TICKET FROM AIR ASIA from MANILA TO MACAU: ZERO FARE, and fuel charge of 460 pesos ~around 10 USD)

Now,there's no excuse to not travel and not immerse yourself with different culture and different people!

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