Monday, July 15, 2013

Glad to Globe

I've thought about writing a lengthy post about why I am glad to be a Globe user but then decided that it wasn't necessary actually. I want to keep this entry a simple one because I know if not all (or most) of us, know what Globe is and has to offer. I am just sharing to you my personal experience why I remain a true loyal Globe user. 

Here are my reasons why:

1. Globe remains to be my family choice.
If there is one deciding factor on what network choice I am using. It is this- what my family are using. I am proud to say, everyone in our family own a Globe number. It's our choice because this network has been the strongest network provider in our province. We all just need basic things actually from a network: for our calls to get connected every time, our messages gets sent and a competitive price for its services. Globe has given that and this is why we remain loyal to this network provider.

2. They continually expand their offers and plans.
I remember using a prepaid number and remembered doing the +232 per minute calls. During those days, every peso are counted when your load is limited. This was one of the many things Globe had offered that made me save pesos from making calls or those unlitexts. Globe remains competitive in a way they always find to offer you something new and something that can help us get the best of their service without actually hurting our pocket. Even now, I am proud to say I still have my Gcash account which is one of their pioneer service that helped me a lot when I used to start an online business when I was back in college! It made transactions hassle-free! Unlitext, Unli-calls, unli-internet. You think of it, they have it! Their service has become so competitive that I currently have two Globe lines since they released their create your own plan promo. One of my line, I used as my internet line and my other line for basic phone. I cannot complain actually how competitive their pricing has been and the freebies gadget actually will help you decide why Globe has to be one of the constant market movers here in the Philippines!

3. They constantly upgrade and make services better!
I have to admit to you there was a few months back, when Globe started acting funny and signal got weary. But as they have explained, they were actually upgrading their services during those time (due to the LTE upgrades). Yes, even the biggest networks have to have a setback in order to upgrade right? Nothing is perfect as it is, but I am glad that somehow I am seeing the labor of their upgrades. Experiencing LTE connection, having faster net connections now are just to name a few upgrades I am grateful for!

4. Better Tech Support!
I just wanna salute Globe because they have started to acknowledge the power of networking sites wherein they've come to answer queries and tech problems users have to deal with in quick responses. May it be on twitter or facebook, Globe tech support can now be easily reached. Just tweet or post on their facebook- they'll surely answer your queries within the day. :)

5. I travel with Globe!
There was this one instance that I remember when I traveled in Singapore alone for the first time and I was a minor back then.  I had to stay in Singapore for a month to study and having my prepaid line back then, I thought that my phone would automatically have a roaming setting once I landed. Aghast, it didn't! I actually was scared since I didn't know how to contact my parents and I know they would worry where I was already. Luckily, I got hold of a free internet at the airport and accessed the Globe site and trying to check how to activate my line. I was so amazed that the Globe site has those interactive chat wherein you can voice out your concerns thru a chat with one of their agent. Within a few minutes, my signal got fixed, my line got working and I was able to call back home! It was those instance that I am still grateful till now and I cannot really forget that one! Since then, I still travel with Globe, though of course, things might have changed, having a postpaid plan now makes it much easier. I get to be connected through Globe and its partnered network abroad without fuss. I think this is one necessity when I travel, to have my phone there with me where ever I go. I think of it as my security blanket.

6. Globe has given us the best opportunities!
Globe has always been a market-strong company. It constantly provide the community something to look forward to. Whether it's a concert, a show, or contests- they've pretty much done it! I, for one, was able to join one of their marketing promo wherein they started a contest with a tagline:"Paramihan". I remembered it was an online video making contest wherein challengers were asked to think of things they can come up with "the most of". Who knew our sibling paramihan ng kiss video was chosen among the top 3! Sweet! It's just one of those instances that I am glad Globe gave us opportunities to join contests and be creative actually! I still relive those winning moments! Such a fun thing to do!! Aside from this, I have loved Globe for bringing in countless of International Singers and Bands here in the Philippines! Like the recent Lee Min Ho concert anyone? :)

I dare say, I'm happy being a Globe user and not seeing myself to move to any network anytime soon. It had been me for 14 years so I must say, it has been with me through thick and thin! Gotta love Globe! :)

So as I end this post, I think of how apt Globe new slogan is..

Because with GLOBE.. Go lang ng GO!
Celebrate life with Globe! :)

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