Thursday, June 13, 2013

My best Summer experience 2013

This has to be one of the best summer I've had (considering it was my last since I'll be start my medical internship next year). It's true, you'll definitely save your best for last! Ladies and Gentlemen, lemme show how you truly majestically magnificent Cambodia is! All the temples, the nature, the forest, the history it holds, you can't but be amazed how beautiful the world really is!!! One of UNESCO world heritage, this one is worth the visit!!! and let me tell you, one day is not enough to go through all the temples!

Angkor Wat!
Best to go before sunrise!

Look at all the visitors! everyone waiting for the sunrise by the lake.

everything is so picturesque!


by the ruins

Every temple has its own story on its history and how it was built. Best if you get a guide! :)

If my photos can only speak, you'll know how beautiful it truly is! One of the best places I've been to! This had been in my bucket list for the longest time and finally able to scratch it off! :)

Amazing Summer that was!

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