Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mc Donald's in Boracay!

So it's true! Mc Donald's have finally landed in Boracay! Spending my Labor day weekend in boracay, I stumbled upon Mc Donald's while I was walking and looking for my hotel. Lo and behold, the golden arch has finally landed!

Mc Donald's!

Menu's are the same.. though price is much more expensive compared here in the metro.

Fully air-con. Wide space.

I mean, this place is like heaven because there are only few air-conditioned restaurants. So after a few swim from the beach, just head to mcdonald's for a good hot fudge sundae!

Now, it made me think if Boracay is becoming too urbanized. But nonetheless, it's a welcome treat (atleast for me) to have a place where I know all the menus by heart.

Let's now wait and see if Jollibee will open next.. :))

Mc Donald's
located: Adjacent to Boracay Regency Hotel
Near Station 3 Talipapa,Boracay Island

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