Monday, May 27, 2013


 I've made so many mistakes and regrets in my life that makes me wonder:" what the hell am I doing in my life?". Sometimes I fear, I'm putting myself on the edge of destruction and choosing not to be happy by choice. I need to fix myself. I need to make myself-better, wiser, stronger. Next time around, the next time I meet you, I promise, I'll do things right. But for now, let me have this moment to accept I am not yet ready. I am not yet in my best shape. I have to work on "ME".

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Silom Thai Cooking School

Here is the continuation entry of my Thailand travel series.

One of the most fascinating I did in Bangkok was to enroll myself in a one-day cooking class at Silom Thai Cooking School.

Okay so I know you have questions:

Q: What should I wear for the class?
Ans: wear your most comfortable clothes. Dress appropriately as you will visit the dry market as well as the wet market :)

baskets while going around the market

Q: Is it only for women?
Ans: No. In fact, during my class, I had two awesome male classmates! :)

with our guide, Oat, (in black) :)
Q: Is the class for advance (i.e: for someone who already knows how to cook)?
Ans: No. Actually everyone is invited to experience cooking for the first time. It was easy to follow as long as you are willing to try cooking.

Q: What to expect?
Ans: First, you'll be shown around the market and introduced to what and where to buy the ingredients, then after, you'll head to the cooking class area and prepare your ingredients, cook and then eat  (eating part is the most fun!!) :)

learning about the different ingredients :)

Q: Do I need to bring anything?
Ans: Just bring yourself and money (to pay for the class) and that's it!

Q: How much is it?
Ans: Mine, cost 1100 baht (I may be mistaken)

Q: How many recipe is there?
Ans: You'll be doing at least 5 recipe (1 appetizer, 3 main course,1 dessert)

My own work station! :)
Q: Is it hands-on?
Ans: oh yes!!! make a mistake in the way you cook, well, you get to eat it after! so do good! :)

Q: How long is the class?
Ans.: About 4-5 hours top!

Q: How many people per class?
Ans: well depending where you get to be enrolled. There are two simultaneous class held in the morning, afternoon and midnight. One class can hold less than 10 people and the other one is a bigger class ( I think) more than 20 students.

Q:is it okay for children?
Ans: I think it is. as long as you deem the child can cut his/her own vegetables and use the stove on his/her own. :)

My first tom yum soup made from scratch!
Tom Yum Soup!
Crispy Fish Salad
Q: Do I get to bring home the food I cooked?
Ans: No. Since you'll be eating whatever you cook right there and then!

Q: Can I request what recipe to cook?
Ans: No. Unless you can block out the whole class for your group. The cooking school have a pre-arranged recipe per day. So you can check their site for the class schedules and recipes.

My own Pad Thai creation!

Q: What do I get after the class?
Ans. a whole lot of experience and a cook book recipe! :)

Q: Are the recipes doable at home?
Ans: yes! I was able to do some of the recipes again at home. Though, I am having problems with some of the ingredients since some of the ingredients are not available in our own market. So might I suggest, you buy the ingredients before leaving Thailand.

The hardest part of the whole cooking series!! making your own curry paste from scratch! hahaa :)

Sticky Rice and mango!
My Classmates!

Q: Was it worth the time?
Ans: Definitely yes! You get to learn plus meet new people too! and take awesome photos as well! hehehe :))

Awesome awesome! One bucket list done!

I wanna Grow old..

I wanna grow old with someone who'll wake up in the morning greet me, and make me coffee as we read the papers together,
I wanna grow old with someone who'll never forget to say "I love you" everyday,
I wanna grow old with someone who wouldn't see the flaws of my age or whatever figure I have but instead would love me as I am,
I wanna grow old with someone who continually would challenge me physically and mentally,
I wanna grow old with someone who loves a new adventure and travel to new places,
I wanna grow old with someone who will take care of our family and provide well,
I wanna grow old with someone who will continue to fascinate me everyday,
I wanna grow old with someone who'll never stop to see the joy in making me happy,
I wanna grow old with someone who knows what equality is in relationship,
I wanna grow old with someone who loves pets, beaches and small pleasures,
I wanna grow old with someone who will continue to surprise me with small gestures everyday,
I wanna grow old with someone who I can trust and who is faithful.
I wanna grow old with someone who is god-fearing.
I wanna grow old with someone who knows how to understand women's need.
I wanna grow old with someone who is passionate.
I wanna grow old with someone who has dreams and accomplishes them.
I wanna grow old with someone who I love, will serve and cherish.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

How to commute from Bangkok Airport to City

So okay... Since I have been travelling the past few weeks. I think I should make a series of post of hows (to travel cheaply, apply for visas and the likes)and places I've been to.  The first leg of  Southeast Asian tour started with one of my most favorite country: Thailand.

When you're travelling alone, going around could costs a lot-Transportation, hotels,food! but if you know how to go around the city.. well, it could costs you less actually.. Since I've been to Thailand a few times already, let me share to you how to commute if you're coming from Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) International Airport to the city the easiest and cheapest ways!

There are 4 ways to go about commuting from Airport to City:
1. Taxi
2. Hotel pick-ups
3.Public bus
4.BTS- Airport link

Most expensive from the options will be: Taxi (of course) could cost you from 600-700 baht.
Cheapest and easiest would be: using the BTS-Airport link

After finishing the immigration and baggage claim, accessing the BTS-Airport link is easy. Just head to the lowest floor of  Suvarnabhumi (Bangkok) International Airport. Signs are available to guide you where to go.

Airport Rail link
Daily operating hours: 6:00 am-12:25 am

purchase card using Baht money and coins.
Ticket price costs about 20-35 baht depending on where you are heading.

Ticket/railway coin

Ride is about 20-30 minutes depending on how many people goes in and out. 
After reaching the end line, you can choose to interchange to the next line where you are heading (in my case, my hotel is accessible in the green line-Phaya Thai line)

Stayed in Ibis Hotel-Siam which  alighted from National Stadium station. 
Nice Location, very affordable and near to a grocery, 7-11, malls and hospital

MBK center! 7 floors of shopping galore!

Oh Thailand, I love you dearly!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mc Donald's in Boracay!

So it's true! Mc Donald's have finally landed in Boracay! Spending my Labor day weekend in boracay, I stumbled upon Mc Donald's while I was walking and looking for my hotel. Lo and behold, the golden arch has finally landed!

Mc Donald's!

Menu's are the same.. though price is much more expensive compared here in the metro.

Fully air-con. Wide space.

I mean, this place is like heaven because there are only few air-conditioned restaurants. So after a few swim from the beach, just head to mcdonald's for a good hot fudge sundae!

Now, it made me think if Boracay is becoming too urbanized. But nonetheless, it's a welcome treat (atleast for me) to have a place where I know all the menus by heart.

Let's now wait and see if Jollibee will open next.. :))

Mc Donald's
located: Adjacent to Boracay Regency Hotel
Near Station 3 Talipapa,Boracay Island