Monday, February 25, 2013

little update.

I wish I had a normal day back, you know, the one wherein I can just do normal things such as watching movies, going out, reading a pocketbook or just go people watching without having to think about school. Life is put back on hold while med school has just taken on the wheel as hell month is coming ( or as GOT said: "the winter is coming").

So here is a really short update ( if anyone is interested):

1. Finish all papers, manuals, and everything else on the list.
2. Pass exams and osce.
3. Lord, help me survive 3 weeks of exam!
4. It's 1 month before my birthday, what to do? how to celebrate? celebrating my "silver" years (now that gave me a good idea for a self-bday gift) and I'm feeling dull (pft, is this quarter life crisis?).
5. after everything, I hope to travel somewhere peaceful, quiet and chill. I need to unwind. so.bad.
6. I think I'm going cray cray.
7. I'm missing someone so bad, that even if I want to, I wouldn't; because I know in the end, I'll be the one receiving the shorter end.
8. Summer, please come na.. i've been waiting for you all year long!
9. I need my social life back.
10. I need to trim fats fast. Any idea how?
11. promise to make decent post soon, k? :)


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