Monday, December 24, 2012

the 2012 recap!

At the start of the year, I posted this entry and here's what I've crossed in my 2012 goals:

I'm gonna start another year with new set of goals, new perspectives and a LOT more to do. Here are my goals for 2012 (in no particular order since I'm just scribbling):
  • do something fun.  (did a lot of this!)
  • do something new  (tried yachting, colored my hair red, and learned the thing called extensions! lol)
  • pass this semester
  • smile more.
  • be more approachable,happy, good vibe-y, enthusiastic and for the negas, well, learn to kill them with kindness. :) (half way lang eh!)
  • appreciate life more
  • save more
  • travel more
  • visit a new country  (Australia!)
  • reconnect with God  
  • lose weight and go 3 dress size down
  • simplify life
  • buy heels and learn how to use them!  (bought 4!)
  • sleep early
  • fall in love  (and fell out)
  •  have a new pet  (a hedgehog and a *soon to be* pet!) :)
  • learn new hobby (do you consider instagramming a new hobby? ) :)
  • learn to cook new dishes  (learned how to cook curry! :)
  • be more organize
  • color my hair red
  • lessen impulsive buying
  • be more financially mature.
  • learn to invest
  • learn something new
  • go back to flag football
  • go back to frisbee
  • learn new sport
  • join new org
  • meet more people
  • reconnect with old friends
  • add new items for my collection (watches and books)
  • be happy;
  • and be less stressed with stuff
  • travel alone
  • fill up 2 piggy bank
  • blog more
  • less FB
  • learn to forgive and let go.
  • organize my series files
  • and my photo files
  • say sorry and thank you more.
  • study harder!
  • and be grateful. :)

 Not bad I must say! It was a year of learning, of being more mature and  seeing things in a more mature perspective. 2012 was a year of trials but I must say, I am glad I came out stronger, better and with more experiences to last me forever. For everyone who came in my life, those who left, those who stayed, those who I turned to when I had my worst times- thank you! To my family, to my friends, to the people who I met this year, thank you for making my life constantly enriching. With everything that happened this year, I am grateful for everything. I am where I want to be.


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