Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to apply for Australian Visa (for Filipinos)

I know I've been neglecting my blog yet again. Been busy with school and much as I want to write, I've been spending more time writing my patient's profile! paper works, paper works! But I've finally found time to write new series of entries in this blog about my recent DOWN UNDER trip to Australia! I'll be sharing you tips and things I've experienced from a beautiful country. :)

So to start it off, here is how to apply for visa to Australia (for Filipinos):

Easiest way to apply for an Australian Visa would definitely be through your most trustworthy travel agency. In our case, we rely all our visa needs with Joaquin Tours and Travel Agency. All we need to do was submit the following requirements:

1.    Original Passport valid for at least 6 months
2.    4 passport sized Picture (White Background)
3.    NSO Birth Certificate
4.    NSO Marriage Contract
5.    Proof of Funds
-      Original Bank Certificate
-      Original Bank Passbook or Bank Statement for last 6 months
-      Car Registration with Official Receipt
-      Original Land Title

     If Self Employed
6.    Business Name – Original SEC or DTI
7.    Original Income Tax Return

If Employed
8.    Certificate of Employment with Salary Declaration and Leave of Absence
9.    Original Income Tax Return

If Student
10. School Registration
11. School ID - Xerox

Of course, when you go through a travel agency, there are fees for their services and I think we paid at minimal cost 150 USD for each person and by 2 weeks or less, we were already granted  with our Visa for one entry valid for one year to Australia! It was definitely a fast, smooth and hassle free application for Australian Visa. Unless of course, you want to do it manually and by your own, then I'd suggest you visit the Australian Immigration site where you can submit an online form and go through the whole process from there! Definitely easy peasy! 

Hope this helps! Questions? Comments? :)



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