Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ray-ban, My makings of a Legend.

When I was young and got asked:" What I want in my life?" I remember what I would always answer.

I'd answer:" I want a small house, a car and a pet dog"

That was it! (and I was definitely proud that I had a dream in life then, haha)

Looking back, it made me think back how simple my thoughts were and that my dream was of a house, a car and a pet definitely showcase of how kids (like me) just want a bahay-bahayan type of life! (lol)

and now, if you ask me, 15 years after, "What I want in my life?"

I'd answer you.. "a LOT"

Material things? Yes. definitely a Lot.
Travel? definitely a yes too!
Family? yes!
a dream? YES.

7 years ago after graduating from high school, I still didn't know what I want to be in my life. I was the girl who got good grades and did every sort of extracurricular activities just for the sake of knowing it could help me to get into a good college. I was good at everything but a master of none. Passing most of my college entrance exams, I got options but had no firm decisions. I still didn't know what course to take, what to do after high school, and besides, I've always thought it'll be my parents who would be deciding my future ( read: typical chinese family) and in the end, They did.

I ended up taking Business course in a good college but it felt like it was wrong for me. It took me 2 years to made me realize that I want something else. To think I was almost graduating ( my course was only 3 years and 1 term)! It was definitely a HUGE decision for me to make especially all the time I've wasted, the money  my parents had paid for my tuition and of course, all the effort I've put in. It was a BIG move(which I've never regretted!).

My decision to shift course was when one of my most favorite, most loved person, passed away that made me realize what I really wanted in my life. My lolo was my partner in crime, my "lawyer" to my parents and growing up with him and celebrating the same birthday with him- He was a huge part of my life. When he passed away, I was with him during his last few days at the hospital, I remember all the details, the time, the moment when I've seen him in the ICU hooked in all of those equipment . In that instant, I felt so helpless and as much I wanted to help my lolo, I couldn't do anything. He passed away too early, I've wanted more time with him and yet, I can't do anything about it. That moment made me realize how I needed to do something else. I made the biggest change in my life.

From Business, I change my course to Medicine.

It was the opposite of fields and yet I knew it was the right one for me. Shifting mean I had to start from scratch! All my business class were useless in this new field and I had to take more new classes. "Nakakapanibago ang lahat"-from the people, the classes and even the course itself. But I knew I am doing this for me and my Lolo. It was his dream to one day build a public hospital being the philanthropist that he was and one of his dream that someday one of his APO's can be a doctor and manage that hospital. I am living part of his dream and part of mine.

Medicine is a hard, hard,hard,hard field to be in. I've lost many sleep, gave up on many things, spent X amount of money for my schooling and the effort just to passed had to be tripled. Until now, on my 2nd year in med proper, I'm still adjusting, I'm still testing the waters as you could say. You can really never sit still and be well adjusted in a field that is constantly fast paced and on-the go! You just learn how to go with the flow and be constantly moving with it.

So, yes this is my dream, that one day I can be a good doctor.

A good doctor that could serve, heal and advocate a worthy cause.

In my dreams of becoming a Doctor, I looked up to one of the LEGENDS of the medical field-Sanjay Gupta. A neurosurgeon and a resident medical respondent for CNN, I practically grew up watching him on TV. He was like my mentor-slash-idol on TV. It wasn't because he was a TV personality that made me idolized him, nor his achievements, it was his way of delivering his message that made me want to be like him someday. Because he made things simple and easy to understand, he tells it as it is and in a language that everyone can understand. I want to emulate his works, his advocacy but maybe in a different way since I know I can never be a TV personality (too shy for that!)

 My first stethoscope where my dreams are beginning to unfold!

This is my dream, that someday I can be a doctor and be a legend who made her marks in this world. I still wouldn't know what kind of marks I'd leave in this world, but I know I am going to work hard for everything in order to see it come in futile. and just like the little train that never stopped from moving:" I think I can, I think I can, I think I can" I'd be the same one like it. I'd never quit on my dreams and my Lolo's dream.

and maybe, the rest of what I "want" in my life would follow. Travelling, family of my own, that house, the car and what not, but for now, I am gonna make my dreams come true first and the rest would follow. :)

This is my story, my own legend in the making and just like Cheyser marking her own mark in this world inspired me to write this. Definitely inspiring to see other women who knows what they want in life and chasing it!

and like the inscription in my steth:" Jamie Tan, MD. Love. Peace. Happiness. Badminton. Travel" 
Things I love all in one piece.

(this is my official entry for Cheyser's  Ray-Ban giveaway! :))

Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 things

 To be thankful for today:

  1. My pedia patient is for discharge today. Bless that bibo kid! I am very grateful for his cooperative and kind father for helping me with my paper too. :)
  2. small tasks done- from enrollment, interviewing, attending classes, reading notes, studying. :)
  3. when God gives you reason to be thankful for (force of nature!) :)
  4. receiving compliments (note to self: must take care self more often)
  5. and having these set of friends, colleagues and future Doctors to be called my friends!

because all you need in life are good friends to get you through! :)

life is wonderful! so cherish it! :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to apply for Australian Visa (for Filipinos)

I know I've been neglecting my blog yet again. Been busy with school and much as I want to write, I've been spending more time writing my patient's profile! paper works, paper works! But I've finally found time to write new series of entries in this blog about my recent DOWN UNDER trip to Australia! I'll be sharing you tips and things I've experienced from a beautiful country. :)

So to start it off, here is how to apply for visa to Australia (for Filipinos):

Easiest way to apply for an Australian Visa would definitely be through your most trustworthy travel agency. In our case, we rely all our visa needs with Joaquin Tours and Travel Agency. All we need to do was submit the following requirements:

1.    Original Passport valid for at least 6 months
2.    4 passport sized Picture (White Background)
3.    NSO Birth Certificate
4.    NSO Marriage Contract
5.    Proof of Funds
-      Original Bank Certificate
-      Original Bank Passbook or Bank Statement for last 6 months
-      Car Registration with Official Receipt
-      Original Land Title

     If Self Employed
6.    Business Name – Original SEC or DTI
7.    Original Income Tax Return

If Employed
8.    Certificate of Employment with Salary Declaration and Leave of Absence
9.    Original Income Tax Return

If Student
10. School Registration
11. School ID - Xerox

Of course, when you go through a travel agency, there are fees for their services and I think we paid at minimal cost 150 USD for each person and by 2 weeks or less, we were already granted  with our Visa for one entry valid for one year to Australia! It was definitely a fast, smooth and hassle free application for Australian Visa. Unless of course, you want to do it manually and by your own, then I'd suggest you visit the Australian Immigration site where you can submit an online form and go through the whole process from there! Definitely easy peasy! 

Hope this helps! Questions? Comments? :)



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Starbucks Planner 2013

It's that time of year once again where the red cups comes out and season of sticker collecting has began (and I know you already know what I'm talking about!!!) It's the Starbucks Limited Edition Planner 2013 time!

And to just tease you how wonderful this year's planner, Here are just glimpse of why you should start collecting those stickers (nooooow!!!!):

photo grabbed from Starbucks Philippines. :)
This year's planner comes in 3 colors: Black, White and Green.

In order to receive your planner, you need to complete 17 stickers (9 holiday featured beverages, 8 core)

Every planner also have it's own serial. :)

 Opening my Green Limited Ed Planner! :)

Each claimed planner will also help in donating monetary donations to Spark Hope Foundation!

Cover is made of hard material and 
the lock is even well thought as it is also easy to open and closed with a magnet locked :)

 What's inside: Monthly grids

Daily Grids with random nice things to do. :)

 An improved and super cute bookmark!! It's made of magnet!! will definitely keep this one! :)

The 2013 planner also is more interactive to it's owners! Definitely a nice revamp compared to the previous ones! =D

 Attach something nice!!!


 Even the designs are waaaaaay waaaaay more nicer!!

 But the best thing of all, is this one!!!!
they doubled up the coupons!!! 

 Twice the fun! twice the sharing! twice the freebies! 
Who doesn't want this!!!
So don't forget to visit your favorite coffee place soon, because the red cups are here for a very limited time! My personal fave is the Peppermint Mocha! Mmmmm! :))

photo grabbed from Starbucks Philippines. :)
So drink, collect and enjoy your new planners!! :)

Doesn't it feel more and more like Christmas already?? :)