Thursday, June 21, 2012

Toms are TDF (TO DIE FOR!)

 Whenever Toms release new items, I instantly have a minor heart stroke because TOMS is seriously killing me with new beautiful pieces that I am really really am lusting for! It makes me think of happy summers, beautiful places and all the happy thoughts that seems to go with their vibrant colors! Just look at these:

Red Strappy Wedge

Ikat Tribal-inspired flats

 Yummy Orange Bimini Stitchouts

Cenna Strappy Wedge

Coral Ceara Cordones
 Fuschia Bimini Stitchouts!
Nude Strappy Wedge

So pretty huh? I can just totally live in Toms shoes! Even in School, my choice of school shoes is TOMS ( with matching med uniform! hahaha!) and these are staples in my wardrobe! If only I could add these pretty little things in my growing Toms, I will definitely be a happy child!

Available at all TOMS retailers :)

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