Monday, May 21, 2012

Wanted: the perfect Companion!

This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition 

Every woman has needs.

Whether it be love. trust. or maybe sex.

Me? Well, I just need a companion!

I need it to be manly, strong, equip, long-lasting, multi-tasking and perhaps durable. and No, I'm not talking about a man. 

I'm talking about My future Blackberry Playbook and BB curve 9360!

I am jamie, turned 24, living in the metropolitan independently and an incoming 2nd year Med Student . 
In that one statement alone, I can tell you why I need to own a Blackberry soon and why I cannot write a tech review about Blackberry. Instead, this will be an honest entry (and plea) why I should be chosen to win the coveted Techpinas giveaway.

So how does BlackBerry Help me Achieve Your Purpose in Life or Help You Become a Person of Purpose?

The life of a Student
In typical school day, a class of 200 students go to school and sits inside an amphitheater classroom. Hoping to listen to a 5 hour class per subject (and 2 subject per day) with one over-head projector, a professor and a mic. In that 200 students, I am not one of the "lucky" ones since I have a last name that starts with a "T". Why so unlucky? well... the class seating arrangement in alphabetical order! YEP! Alphabetical order! I am the unlucky student who gets to seat at the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack of the rows! 

typical school days with my classmates. Seating at back row. See, this was taken during class hours. Prof didn't notice since we're waaaaay back at the seats!

Sure, sometimes I won't complained about where I get to seat since it could have advantages too! But, hey, when I want to listen to the lesson, sometimes it just gets hard to listen and especially looking at the slides at the projector! (read:Eye-strain!!)

This is why I need a Blackberry Playbook! How I can readily download all powerpoints in advance, photos of specimens, record lectures or even watch instructional videos!

It is no longer a want but a NEED. In a year that stayed in medschool, I know how much important it is to be equip with the right materials. It's like heading to a battle with the right ammos. 

Second year they say is the fundamentals of Medicine. This where you get to see how much you have learned from 1st year and how you can apply it in the clinical aspect of the course. Second year also is also the most expensive one.

case in point: a list of the books I'd be needing for 2nd year (1st sem alone!)

almostP60,000 kowabangas!!!

with that money, one could already enroll for  2 semester for that in college!
  • So I need a BB playbook, because I can use it to access e-books, journals and medical accounts without having to spend P60,000! It's about practicality.. In the advancing age of technology, it (technology) is supposed to make our life simpler, more productive and easier. A BB playbook is my answer for that. Easy to use, more affordable and with less than 7-inch, definitely easier to bring to school instead piles and piles of books!

Another thing about med school is how much paper we get to use to print transes! piles and piles of paper getting wasted so to speak. I am estimating about 1000 piece of coupon bonds are being used by a student alone then multiply that to almost 2000 students in our school. Insane! and must I say, poor mother earth!

 transes and more transes!

Even inks get wasted too!

  • In having my own playbook, I would be minimizing my paper consumption. That instead of printing transes, I could just probably be accessing my documents on the nifty device. Highlighting there, studying there, and like the reason given above, I'd just be probably be bringing one item at school- my Playbook. No need to bring all the papers out! But really, for me, what is most important is that I get to lessen wastage, to at least help make that small difference that I could in saving the trees.
The Life of Independent living
It's been 6 years since I started living independently in the metro for my schooling. My family is in the province and to go home is a 4 hour drive back home. In order for me to still feel connected to my family, I go home once in a while when schedule permits or during summer breaks. But when I am all alone in my small living space, I get a little homesick and just need to hear or see at least one person in my family! Luckily, technology nowadays helps me get connected to my fam especially my parents. Dad always call and mom is always online. Funny story is that, my mom is becoming more techie than I am. She owns a Tablet of her own where she skypes me while I am at home just using my netbook! (See, I don't even own a tablet and my mom has one!) 
  • For me, I want to own a Playbook and a BB curve 9360 because I want be connected back home- to my family, to my friends and to all the people I know. There are so many new apps that enables users to communicate easier, faster and more clearer. Really amazing how technology continues to evolve! and one more reason that I find Blackberry a real mover in the telecommunication industry is that it was able to built a COMMUNITY for its user. I wouldn't doubt that you know at least one person who owns a BB. In my family alone, 3 of my sibs are using a Blackberry phone. As I continually hear from the asking for BB pins, BBM-ing each other or their friends; I come to wonder how fast Blackberry was able to convert Filipinos! A community of BB users where everyone understand the lingo of bbm-ing and pins! gotta love that!
The life of a Blogger
I am no seasoned blogger. Never been asked to write a review, never been to a blogger event but I am proud to say that some of my blogs were chosen as entries to competitions. But those are once in a blue moon of sorts. In most days, I just blog useless random things that happened in my life. This blog is more of a diary, a preview to my life and a way to connect to people and passerbys. For me, I started this blog because I wanted a window where I could practice my writing skill. I only learned that blogging can actually earn you money last year through ads and all. Dumbstruck and nuisance about this, I began researching how to make my blog earn. I was beginning to take my blogging seriously. Right now, I am still at the process of making it better and actually knowing the trades of blogging.
  • Productivity, connectivity, accessibility and user-friendly. That is how I see why I need a Blackberry Playbook and BB curve 9360.  My life as a student, as an adolescent who goes online everyday, who communicate through people through the web or thru a phone call or just getting connected to my family via skype or viber- for me,  gadgets are already part of my life even if I like it or not.  I am no techie and sometimes even gets a little frustrated when it comes to technology. (Case in point: I cried when my laptop crashed, luckily a friend was a computer whiz and told me my laptop just needed to be reformated.) I don't ask a lot in a gadget too. I just need it to function in my life that I could do my job well, finish a task and get into my life without the extra fuss.

A gadget supposedly is made to make our life easier. Compatibility is what makes it work.  You can own the newest gadget but if it doesn't fit your lifestyle/your work or job, it utterly is just a useless thing you spent a money on. So when I wrote that all I am looking for is a companion- I just know it is Blackberry that can be my companion. Whether I'd be doing/using a post, a blog, an email, a chat, a fb status, listening to a music, checking game scores, posting a photo, a call, a game,a bbm message, a text, a video, an app- possibilities are definitely endless with that POWER PAIR! 

My purpose in life is to become a Doctor someday.  The journey may be long and hard but with I know I can achieve that when I set my mind on it and knowing that I have the right companions with me- a Blackberry phone and playbook!

So wish us luck and hopefully, whoever can own that power pair would put it to good use. :)

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