Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sea Wind Buffet Boracay

In the little island of Boracay, where too many restaurants popped up, Sea Wind Barbecue Buffet Dinner is a stand out located in Station 1. Why you ask?

for one, the place is set up like this: Simple, quiet and plain
Beautiful Open space, bright lights in the beach and few people since it is at station 1!

the view? the beach! and true to the restaurant's name: it was definitely windy when we were there!

the food:
You have choice of meat and seafood such as: porkchops,squid,steak,ribs, salmon,blue marlin,prawns and many more! and you can ask them to cook any way you like!


Soup, Salad Bar

Cook it your way of pasta!!

me and the cousin

Choosing what to order!

once you ordered, they'll give you a number and serve it at your table

I forgot to take photo of my food and ended up taking it midway my meal!
Let's just say I love their ribs, salmon and pasta! Prawns I would love if only someone could remove it's cover for me! 

gotta love the companion! from Vitress, Lifestyle Network and Splash Family!

What a way to cap the night with nice people and a happy-full stomach! :)

Sea Winds Boracay Dinner Buffet
Station 1,Boracay
Price: 645 pesos

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