Thursday, April 5, 2012

End of March

March was really something else. Even before it started, I already wanted it to end. Too many things had happened and surprisingly, I came out better than I expected. So here's a few insight on how my March went:

  • March is my birth month as well as Angkong (grandpa). always a sad day for me..
  • 3 weeks of continuous exams (that was a killer!!)
  • 3 days of Red Cross
  • a day of learning how to perform circumcision on a pig shank
  • too many no. of days getting sicked..
  • countless birthday parties
  • countless sleepless night
  • countless cups of coffee drank
  • countless prayers
  • countless smiles, angers, stress and all the life emotion one could think of med student goes throuh
  • nth no. of birthday greetings
  • good grades to finally say hello to summer!
  • getting through pain of uncertainty, rejection and even of not knowing how one person thinks of you..
  • having good set of friends, who you can always rely on!
and through it all, I can just say I am thankful for everything that had happened this year so far.. life is good. :)

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