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How to travel Cheap-ly to Boracay

When people asks how can I travel often with my friends (and not asks my parents for money), it is because I/we travel cheap! Yes, that's right.. C-H-E-A-P.  Sure, we could sometimes indulge to a more expensive stuff in our travels, but most of the time, when I'm with my friends- it's always about how we can scrimp off some few bucks that we could allot for something else. Which is why I'm gonna start a new segment here in my blog how to travel more without busting your wallet and of course, share some good tips on how to save money without sacrificing your itinerary. I love travelling and hopefully, this blog can help. :)

So for my 1st entry: Boracay

Flight tickets:
I got lucky when I stumbled upon  Air Asia's intro promo for their introductory flights to Kalibo. Base fair was P70 only! (my flight was from Clark-Kalibo-Clark) and costed me only P2000+ total. Cheap, considering I booked a few weeks before the flight date aaaaaand to think it was April (which is a high season) and everyone is heading to boracay since it was a long weekend!  So just a tip: watch out for ticket sales, book 2-3 months advance and make other options such as getting flights outside manila and to other airport hubs such as cebu or clark.
my first domestic Air Asia flight

Upon getting to Kalibo, you have to travel 1 1/2-2 hrs to Caticlan in order to get to boracay. There are 3 options available: 

  • taxi- pros: comfortable and you have the whole car to yourself. cons: expensive
  • bus- pros: bigger, thus more roomy and comfortable. cons: takes longer as you have to wait for other         passengers and costs P300.
  • van- pros: travels faster than bus and costs P250 (with free boat ride to Boracay). cons: you also have to wait for other passengers and much smaller space.
I chose the van since I  arrived boracay in the afternoon and was alone so the best option to get to caticlan was with a van.
Upon arriving Caticlan:
  • you have to pay for terminal fee: P50
  • environmental fee: P75
  • options of jetty boat: P25
waiting for my boat ride

Boat ride will take at most 10-15mins ride depending on the weather and upon arrival to Boracay port area, you can take a tricycle ride to wherever you are staying. Renting of tricycle costs: P100 (which you can share to other passengers or among your group)

Where to stay
Since me and my friends were a big group ( we were atl east 15 people at Boracay that time) but among those 15, 8 of us were gonna share a room. It was kinda hard to look for somewhere to stay during that season since it was the peak month which also means: more expensive! Luckily, a friend recommended IL Portico which suited our budget, the size of our group and was near the beach front and market area (where we can buy pasalubong, grab dinner and all..)

Our room cost P4700/night (good for 8 people!). The nice people of the IL Portico even gave us free use of extra mattress without charge and one day free breakfast! They are very accommodating and was pleasently easy to talk to which is why I highly recommend  this hotel!

Hot water
free wi-fi
accessible to the beach front, (only few steps away)
close to D' Talipapa market
located at station 2
with refrigerator inside the room, kitchen and sala outside and free water and coffee. :)

my only qualms is that they don't allow aircons to be switched on unless you are in the room. So unless you have a problem going back to the room after a long hot day in the beach. well, maybe you hafta ask them nicely if you could leave your aircon on for the whole day.. :)

If there is one discovery I would really like to recommend to you guys on where to eat in Boracay it is Smoke! Located in the nook and crannies of D'Mall. If you are lost, just ask around and definitely locals would know where Smoke is at.  Smoke food array consists mostly of filipino food and some asian food with a filipino twist. food costs: from P90-250 only! and by boracay standard, that is definitely CHEAP!
Must try are: Sizzling Bulalo, kaopad (their version of Bagoong rice), bicol express and more!

must try-chori burger (costs: P40)

 another must eat! Isaw (chicken intestine!) costs: P10/stick


here are what most people do in Boracay:

island hopping at puka beach

Banana Boat: P200
Island Hopping: P200
flying fish: P500
henna: P300
helmet diving: P500
paraw sailing: P150 each or P500/group
ride the zorb: P350
ATV ride: P600/hr

Drinks and Hangouts:
Okay, so this one is a bit challenging... As night falls, everyone wants to be in the scene, (read: where the party at?) So yes, this is what I call the few exemption to scrimping. Here are some few Boracay hangouts that I found were most people went: Epic, Club Parao, Summer Place, Cocomanga's.  Depending on your group and budget, a night of drinking can cost from P200 and up!

But wait! here is a frugal tip: lets say you just wanna have a good time, why not order your first bottle at that place and for your next bottle why not buy it at the sari-sari store nearby and just casually in discreet bring it to the place where you guys are hanging out! (hahaha, yes we did this!) Saved us some few bucks! Beer at the sari-sari store: P40! Beer at let's say Epic:P 80! double the price! sheesh! So, that's a frugal tip for you! :)

and if you wanna dare yourself, why not try Cocomanga's legendary 15 shots which costs P1000 and comes with a free shirt saying:" Still standing at 15.." and if you get to finish all 15, your name will be posted at their wall along with thousands else who've tried!

and when you have nothing else to do, why not seat back and relax  in the soft, smooth sand of Boracay and watch for the most amazing sunset (for me). Boracay really is a wonderful island, don't you think? :)

So you see, travelling is not all about being expensive and all... You just gotta make your way around the city, in this case, an island to definitely see it's beauty without the dollar sign! :)

*1 us dollar=P42 (do the math :))

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

End of March

March was really something else. Even before it started, I already wanted it to end. Too many things had happened and surprisingly, I came out better than I expected. So here's a few insight on how my March went:

  • March is my birth month as well as Angkong (grandpa). always a sad day for me..
  • 3 weeks of continuous exams (that was a killer!!)
  • 3 days of Red Cross
  • a day of learning how to perform circumcision on a pig shank
  • too many no. of days getting sicked..
  • countless birthday parties
  • countless sleepless night
  • countless cups of coffee drank
  • countless prayers
  • countless smiles, angers, stress and all the life emotion one could think of med student goes throuh
  • nth no. of birthday greetings
  • good grades to finally say hello to summer!
  • getting through pain of uncertainty, rejection and even of not knowing how one person thinks of you..
  • having good set of friends, who you can always rely on!
and through it all, I can just say I am thankful for everything that had happened this year so far.. life is good. :)

Make-ups and shell life.

I am re-posting this entry which I've read in yahoo as a reminder for myself and for the rest who uses beauty products whether they are make-ups, beauty creams or even perfume have expirations! Everything has their shelf life and even as frugal as we want to be- better learn to throw away those expired products when needed. As they say, your skin will thank you for it.

As a general rule the drier the formula of the makeup (powder, pencils), the longer its shelf life. Conversely, the more cream- or liquid-based it is, the quicker it is to spoil. Here is the average amount of time your cosmetics should stay on your vanity table or your makeup kit:

Mascara and liquid eye liner: half a year

Creamy lipsticks, lip colors in pots, lip-gloss: 2 years

Pencils for eyes, eyebrows, and lips: 3 years

Powder-based products like loose powder, pressed powder, blusher, and eye shadow: 2 years

Liquid and cream products like cream foundation, mousse products (like primer and foundation), gel-based items like blush and eye liner, liquid liner, highlighter): 1 year

Body lotion and shower gel: 3 years

Anti-aging cream: 3 months to 1 year.

If you don't remember when you bought the beauty product, that's a pretty good indication of a purchase made long ago. To determine if your beauty goodies need to be tossed, do any (or all) of the S-tests:

1. Smell it. Does it still smell the same way it did when you first got it? If you don't remember, then at least determine if it smells good or bad. If it smells sour or has a pungent odor, bid it goodbye.

2. Scrape it. Really old powder-based products develop a fine film on its surface, making it even more dry. If this is the case, then it's time you throw it away.

3. Study its texture. If it's cracked and has a different shade than when you first bought it, or its color has changed, chuck it.

that's it! hope this helps!

I'm back blogging! :)