Saturday, February 25, 2012


So I finally did it! I finally gave in and turned my head red!

Remember my 2012 goals? Well, one of them was to color my hair red and since I was bored and stressed a few days ago, I finally decided to let it be and start coloring my hair red. And still, I can't believe I finally did it!I am so used to having my hair in the shade of brown or black and venturing into a new color is like going to a new salon and not knowing the hairdresser...

My old hair shade:

Bought this Etude Bubble hair color (in RED wine color) while I was in Korea (which was cheaper when converted by the way) and available locally (at P398 I think..) Still cheap if you ask me since hair coloring at saloon nowadays go from 1500-3000. Anyway, I love to experiment with hair dyes, especially when I am out of country I try to buy hair dyes and color my hair by myself. I still love Liesse Hair Color but decided why not try Etude since it's been getting some rave and I saw it while shopping at Korea.. Each Etude Bubble box contains:
  • Instruction manual (which was no use since it's all in korean)
  • Pump Container
  • glove and plastic cape
  • Bubble Hair color dye
  • Silky perfumed treatment conditioner
Anyway, it's so easy to use.. Just place the hair dye into the pump, shake and then start pumping and applying it to your hair. It's like shampooing your hair. One box was too much for my hair alone and could have been used by 2 people. And oh, just remember to not exceed more than 30 minutes of having the dye in your hair.. It's kinda strong and a lot of people, complained to having hair fall due to that..

So what do I like about Etude Bubble:
  • Cheap
  • easy to apply
  • color is vibrant
  • the silky perfumed treatment is just amazing. My hair after washing was felt hard and was unmanageable but after applying this, it turned into a soft, manageable hair for real! I would even pay 398 pesos just for this sachet!!
  • after a day, my hair still feels soft (must be from the silky perfumed)
  • non-staining. Had so much dripped in my face and neck and it was so easy to remove it.
  • Available locally
What I don't like:

  • The foam was dripping and wasn't as foamy as it should be. So even if I did had a hair cap on, some still dripped in my face and neck. What a mess it did made.
  • felt some mild itch in my scalp
  • minor hair fall
So.... drum roll please...............

from this:
to this:
and to give you an idea how red it really is:

hahaha.. so I finally turned into a RED HEAD!!


so whatcha think: should I stay red or go back to the old color?

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