Friday, January 6, 2012

Rustan's Sale!!

Usually I don't like going to any store sales here in Manila because more often than not, I don't have any of my sizes left in store. But today, decided to head over to Rustan's Sale because I was bored and had Rustans GC to use..

and looky what I got!

Harajuku Heels at 70%off it's Original Price!!!!
at first, the pair was just 30%off and I was 'sold' already since this was a first that I still had a size on sale.. I asked the store attendant if he could get me the other pair but when he returned, he realized it was the last pair already- he said that the price was wrong and it changed from 30% off to 70%off! Boom! Sold SOLD SOLD!!!!

Rustan's Sale
From Jan 6-Feb 5 2012
Up to 70%off! (usually I don't believe this line, but now, I'm a believer!!! 70%off! wooootwoo!)

Now that's love!


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