Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why it is never a good idea to buy FAKE TOMS

I love Toms. Comfortable, easy to wear and really nice designs- what is not to like about Toms?
Currently, I have 4 pairs of Toms- gray canvas,black canvas, black/white with design, and red canvas(not in the picture). Funny thing is, I love Toms so much that I even use my black Toms for school ( with my med school uniform! oha!). And I've been using it for 2 years now! Comfort always comes first for me. So I dare not wear heels for school and yet, somehow I manage to attract other students to start wearing Toms to school as well. :)

Anyway, Just a month ago, we were shopping at GH when I saw this fake Silver Toms in one of the vendor stalls. I don't know what got into me, maybe it was the lining of the Toms ( thinking how the hell were they able to copy the linings of the original one even the sole is close to the real one!) or the price and decided to buy and see how the fake pair fairs with the real one.

The Fake one cost me P300 ($6) while real Toms costs about ($60) a pair. So that's x10 price difference!

(Fake VS Real)

In far view and untrained eyes, you wouldn't see the difference of a fake Toms to a real one. But look closer and you would see it! Here is an in depth comparison of an Original Toms and a Fake one.

Canvas Toms uses soft cloth all over even in it's lining. It is Toe-stitched and has that elastic V in the middle.
Notice also the TOMS tag in the right side of the shoes.

the back

the inner sole

the back tag

While Compare it to this:

the back (notice the uneven glue below) Original Toms Toe-stitch each pair and not glue them!

Sadly, when I pulled the soles of the fake one, I saw this. BAD imitation at it's best!

The side tag

the back of the tag says: Made in China

and after one wear, look what happened.. the sides are getting torn apart..

Notice the difference in the back tag as well? The craftmanship is undeniably missing in the fake one! Look at the side sewn of the Toms of the fake one.. really bad!
and lastly, the saddest part of all, the glitters started to come off after one wear.. SAD!

But beside from the aesthetic of each pair, the most important difference of a real one from the fake one is: COMFORT! The fake one still can't copy how comfortable an Original is and yes my choosy feet got hurt from wearing that fake one after a day..

and comparing the original one and the fake one, I use my Black Canvas Toms everyday for almost 2 years now without any damage and the fake one, I used for a day and easily got torn apart- now that's where they differ in quality.So to say the least, fake ones are just a good for one day shoes.

Lesson learned: best to buy the original one. Quality over quantity. :)

and yes, I love my Toms.. Original that is!

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