Sunday, December 18, 2011

What to eat at Korea:Korean Barbecue Chicken

In the land of kimchi's, bibimbaps and jiampoongs, We ended up not much of those but instead much of these- Korean Barbecue Chicken! I think the reason why we ate much of these was because korean love their barbecue too much that everywhere we go it is being served. Sadly, I haven't tried any bibimbaps or jiampoongs when I was at Korea (at least I have reason to go back again!! Nonetheless, I love the Barbecue Chicken so much!!! :))

Here is our food whore photos:

Korean Barbecue Chicken ( @ Nami island)
They serve Beef and Chicken Barbecue

Waiting for our Chicken to cook!!
mmmmmm.... Looks delicious huh?

Koreans love their side dish!
Lettuce wrap!
Mongo clear soup
Fascinating Exhaust machine!
Amah showing us how to eat the Lettuce wrapped chicken
Now you see it!
Now you don't!

KBC for the win!!!

oh how I miss this! :)

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