Saturday, December 17, 2011

TOMS Give Fair

I love Toms and everything about Toms. So when last December 4,2011, Toms held a Give Fair event at Trinoma, I just had to go and visit. Sadly, it rained on the event itself which made the event started a bit late.
So anyway, upon registration each person will be given Give paper with (Treats, Fun, Photo Booth, Face Painting, Fun). Each Paper corresponds to each booth which you can use the paper to redeem treats, photo and more!

The stage set-up

The Give Joy, Fun Booth

Give FUN I-Spy
Since I was early in the event and most of the booth aren't open yet, I've only used my GIVE fun paper. It was an I-Spy game wherein one will be given 60 seconds to find 3 items from the TOMS wall.
You will draw what you need to find and mine says:
when you find the 3 items at the given time, you get a prize! Krispy kreme Original Glaze!
The theme of the event was fair/carnival and there were tall acrobats in the crowd!

I had to leave a early and wasn't able to witness the concert and the Toms Hunt (which was a bummer since I had an exam the next day and needed to study). But before I left, decided to drop by at the Toms Pop-up store (which was so cute by the way!)

Photo grabbed from Toms FB. :)

I just love TOMS. From it's soft soles to it's company's principle!

One for One. :)

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