Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 was:

This year, I opt not to make a lengthy entry on how my year 2011 went. It was what it was- a bumpy ride with lots of stop overs. But to sum up my 2011:

It is my year of LEARNING.

I've learned to appreciate more,
learned to give more,
learned to say sorry,
learned to forgive,
and be forgiven,
learned to love,
learned to listen,
learned to give,
learned to understand,
learned to be grateful,
learned to smile,
learned to know the value of good friends,
value of money,
value of time,
value of family,
learned to shut up,
make new friends,
learned to laugh at myself,
learned to change mistakes,
and most of all, learned that change is good.

Let us leave 2011 with all the baggage and start anew at 2012!


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