Sunday, November 20, 2011

Starbucks Planner 2012

It's Christmas time again when you know it's that time of the year of collecting stickers again for the Starbucks Planner. Collecting of sticker began as early as of Nov.5,2011 and will end by the end of the month of January.
This year, the planner comes in 5 wood design: Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce and Oak. (mine is spruce, right) that comes with a cute pouch. Each planner also came from 70% recycled materials.

Though you won't be able to choose what pouch it comes with, I think every color is just nice! I also love this year's planner since it is smaller and more compact to bring everywhere.
Gotta love the details they put in this year. Down to the pouch button!

Every Planner also comes with their own serial number. :)

Design wise- much prettier compared to last year and even the inside is much simpler and nicer to use.

and like every Starbucks Planner, it comes with coupons and this year's coupon is much more awesome! (is it just me, or did the coupons got more "useable" since there are more free upsize, free drinks, etc?). The planner also came with a carton bookmark. Gotta love the "green" factor of this planner!

So how to get your own planner?

there are 3 options available now:

1.) Purchase P5000 worth of Starbucks merchandise or
2.) Collect 17 stickers (9 Christmas beverage and 8 core) or
3.) Collect 23 stickers (all core)

So go grab yours na! This one is just too preeeeettty to not get! I swear! :)

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