Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meeting Mr. Nicholas Sparks

If there's a will there's definitely a way!

If you have that will to do something or really want to make something happen, well, just have that positive mind set and take actions- for sure it will happen!

That's how I see I was able to make it and meet my long time and most loved author Mr. Nicholas Sparks last October 28,2011 at the Podium,Manila.

Since it was sembreak already, I was already at the province when I was contemplating whether to still go to Manila just to have that chance to meet or see him. You see, if it was a sure shot of actually meeting him and having my book signed then I would have went without hesitation but upon learning that it was actually a raffle draw yet again for the chance to have your book signed; and it was already the long weekend before the all saint's day (read: TRAFFIC and few available seats for bus transpo); I was having second thoughts.

So I was back home in the province, already have my Best of Me book with a raffle coupon thinking whether to still go or no. But I made that choice- it was a GO! Hey, this was one chance to meet my favorite author, so go go go! and so I traveled almost 6 hours to Manila and made it to Podium just in time to see this:
Long Queues!

Imagine this: I was lined at the 4th floor when I came and the line started at the 2nd floor! Kaloka! (and I've never seen these many people at Podium!)

By 1 pm, the places was almost packed! (and event starts at 5pm pa ha!)
so this is the drawing booth, wherein you hand in your raffle stub and you either can get a YES or NO (for that chance to meet and have your book signed by N.S.)

Only 750 were supposed to be given the chance to meet N.S. but by 6pm they were still accommodating those who wish to meet N.S and I think they gave out more stickers close to 1100! I saw some people even buying 2-3 books just to have that chance to draw a YES..

As for me? Well.. One book, one chance to draw...

and so... it was a YES!
No. 410 Signing PASS!!

I was done by 2pm and decided to drop by at Megamall while waiting for the 5pm start of the event. By 4 pm, decided to go back and lo and behold, this is what I saw:

All floors with people waiting for the arrival of Nicholas Sparks!

and then he came, and I forgot to take picture of everything in between! I was so mesmerized!
after a short interview and introducing the most fanatic among us who was already waiting by 2am at podium for the early bird pass, unbelievable!!! I mean seriously, wow! She truly deserves the chance to meet, hug and have all her N.S books signed. *wish it was me!*

Anyway, I was just happy that I have that chance to meet and have my most favorite book signed by the man himself. I was happily waiting for my turn (which is no.410).

True that!

It occurred so fast and I was so out of myself, I know I just said Hi! and took a pose beside him while someone else took a photo of us and then he signed the book and then I asked again if I could just take another photo using the itouch I was holding and he just looked at me and said:"yes,sure"
So that was that! That few seconds of meeting Mr. Nicholas Sparks and I'm happy!!

I had my A Walk To Remember book signed! My first ever pocket book! Such a memorable thing!

I. am. happy.

thank you Nicholas Sparks for moving us with your stories. You make me dream of that kind of love. Perfect in it's own sense and condition.

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