Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Korea Day 1: Arriving at the airport

Leaving for Korea, we got our plane ticket at relatively cheaper price from the usual Cebu pacific cheap airfare seat sale promo (less than 10k). Before planning to go to Korea, Filipino tourist need to file for Korean visa and ours were done by Pan Pacific travel agency (because we were on a tour group) so it was no hassle at all. The flight from Manila to Korea was almost 4 hours flight.

In flight, while everyone was sleeping, I was busy doing this:

Immigration papers, Customs declaration, Health questionnaire and more health questionnaires.
(I noticed in their health questionnaires that if you omit to declare that you are sick upon entering Korea, well, they can charge you fines! eeek!)

this super cute korean kid also kept me occupied. Super kulit and super playful... I wasn't able to sleep because she kept playing with me. At first I thought she didn't know how to speak english and lo and behold, she spoke english fluently and was trying to mimic my tagalog too! hahaha :)
Upon arriving at Incheon airport around 9pm

Did you know that Incheon Airport is one of the best airport in the world? I must say, it was a breeze going from terminal, transport, to immigration and we were done less than 30 minutes. Wi-fi accessed everywhere was also a plus!

Murals everywhere!

Transfer to arrival terminal

Since it was already the autumn season in Korea, the temperature plays around 10-17 degree celsius so it was really cold! ( gotta love the weather!!!)

anyway.. will write more soon!

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