Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fully Booked Book Grab 2011

20I know, I know.. this such a late post! Forgive me since med life took much of my time that I even forgot to write things here that are truly memorable in my life.

So last August 6, 2011, I was one of the 5 lucky people who got chosen to be part of the annual Fully Booked Book grab held in their Fort Taguig Branch! And I must say Third's time a charm! Since this is their 3rd year of such event and my 3rd time to join! [yes, 3 is definitely my lucky number!!]

Every year Fully Booked changes their mechanics how they choose the participants. The first book grab they did an online raffle, the second one an artistic competition (art/poem/visual/music), then this year they did another raffle where you had to print out the raffle and drop it in their drop box. So yes, I got really lucky to be one of the chosen 5 with more than 500 entries along with Mela Pantaleon, Nino Calalang, Dhez Andres, and Don Covar!

A little background on the event:
- Everyone is given 2 minutes to race inside the store and grab as many book as you can.
-There are however, specific shelves you can only grab, and in such case you grab from other shelves, penalties will be given.
-Each contestant have their own counter where we needed to check in our books in order for it to be counted.
-Contestants can either use their an eco bag (which we are given 2), trolley or our own hands to check-in the books in our own counters.

for the complete mechanics click here


Before the race begin

Ready Set Go! (see, I'm so competitive! hahaa :))

I made quite a mess! :)

My book counter

I was seriously out of breath after that 2 minutes of running and hussling!

With the other participants, Fullybooked organizers and emcee

Besides the book we got, we also received certificate, GC's and giveaways from sponsors!

Besides from the 5 chosen bookgrabber, fullybooked also gave 5 lucky on-site participants drawn via raffle to grab books within a minute! And guess what? My Sister was one of them (2nd one from the right)!! Lucky!!

and she took home more books than I did since they only had to move the book near that plaster board in the photo! But between the two of us, we got around 200+ new books to take home! So it was definitely a fun and happy day! :) Fully booked also raffled away giveaways, GC's and more stuff from sponsors during the event and I must say, what a great event it was!

This is a dream come true! a 3-years in the making! So excuse me as I enjoy my books and savor that once in a lifetime chance to say I was one of the Fullybooked book grabber! :)

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