Friday, November 25, 2011

DAY 2-Korea Nami island

Our first itinerary for our korea trip was to visit Nami island. Getting to Nami island is via 20 minutes land transpo and another 10 minutes boat ride. It is famous for its park and of course, as the location where Winter Sonata (the koreanovela) shoot it's scenes.

I've come to learn from our tour guide that korean love the series Winter Sonata so much and Bae Yong-joon. Actor Yong-joon is like the Brad Pitt of Korea and the highest paid actor in Korea.
Upon docking, you get to see this girl statue standing in the river. I thought it was so out of place and I forgot to ask our tour guide what's the story behind this.
Welcome to Naminara Republic (Nami island)
We were lucky enough that it was autumn season as the colors of the leaves are changing and with the sight of red's, yellow's, green's and brown's- it was so fascinating! Although I would wish to see Nami island when it's snowing too! must be nice! :) So let me just share to you how nice Nami island is:

Everything is just so nice, non? :)

winter sonata!
see, picture perfect!
the cousins!
eto pa! pumopostcard!
the different season photos of Nami island


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