Friday, October 14, 2011

Because Sembreak deserves a POST!

aaaah yes, the elusive SEMBREAK has finally arrived and it deserves a POST!!!

Med school has been hell crazy. Some days are just meant to see what you are made of just like today, I haven't had any sleep at ALL just to do an all nighter study for Anatomy, 3 cups of coffee, then next day, exams for 5 hours... I'm seriously drained! *bad lifestyle, ugh!*

So after 6 months of non-stop school work, I can finally have a moment to spare to relax, unwind and just do idle stuff!

So how to spend that 3 weeks??? Here's how:

  • start reading my piles of novels! Oh man, I just cannot tell you how many new books I have waiting to be read! So far, here are 3 books on the top of my list this sembreak!

Nicholas Sparks (The Best of Me), Yann Martel (Life of Pi), Malcom Gladwell (What the Dog Saw)

Meet and Greet Nicholas Sparks and Book Signing
Oh, and if you haven't heard yet, Nicholas Sparks, my most favorite author is coming to MANILA this October 28,2011!!! I seriously just want to meet him in person and hopefully have my 1st ever novel, A Walk to Remember signed! That book totally opened my world to the joy of reading and since that first novel, my book collection had grew. So I truly owe it to Mr. Sparks my love of reading. :) and yes, I am really hoping I'll be lucky enough to score that book signing pass!!
  • Exercise! Time to go back and hit the gym. Time to get ready and be back in tip top shape! and can I just say, when I exercise, I just love having Lightwater! This thing is just amazing! Taste like water but it has all the electrolytes you need! I once experience over fatigue from too much strenuous exercises and so I drank Lightwater for the next couple of days and it did helped me a lot to get back in good shape! Love Lightwater!
Lightwater!! :D
  • And I think, I'll be bumming and watch my favorite series! :)
  • and maybe catch some ZZZZzzzzzzz's
  • oh and travel! :)

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