Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 2- What I'd like to be 10 years from now

10 yrs from now, I'd be:
  • a full-pledged practicing doctor. ER doctor? Obgyne? Derma? let's see.
  • married and with children. (2 kids- one boy and one girl) :)
  • travelling the world. Attending conferences or having holidays with my loved ones.
  • and living somewhere else. Someday, one day, hopefully, I get to live in my dream city.
  • Handling my own medical missions.
  • financially, emotionally,physically and holistically stable. I just want to be stable!
  • have my own business.
  • attend parent meetings and spoil my kids
  • training and doing my triathlon marathon.
  • happy, peaceful and contented.

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