Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1- My Current relationship

I like to believe no one actually cares what my current status is.

But then again.. that's what people would often ask me when they ask me how my life is going. Totally understandable... At my age, relatives would start asking if I am planning to marry anytime soon and then there's the peer pressure seeing your friends and batch mates getting engaged and soon getting married one by one..

So here goes nothing.. as I share to you my current relationship.

Well, I know for now this is my current relationship status right now: Single and definitely not looking.

Yup, "not looking" is definitely an add-on in my Single status. Not because I'm bitter with love. But because I'm pissed with people who thinks being single is such a tragic status.

Because it definitely isn't.

Believe me, if I wanted to be in a relationship, I could have been.. so many times if I really wanted to. So scratch that idea of yours in thinking I am single because no one is asking me out.. I'm just not stupid to let it get to me. I decide for my own journey. and maybe I just still haven't found the right moment and right man for it yet.

I know.. I sound like a hypocrite.

But yes, being in love has its perks too ( that, I cannot rule against). Falling in love with someone means having a better half who will support you, put you in a pedestal, love you, understand you, shower you with trinkets and declare their love to you everyday. but it also has it's down side. When love starts to get shady and you start to wonder..."Where was this person you fell in love with?"

If there was something I learned about love is that it takes:

a LOT of patience
a LOT of understanding
a LOT of communication
and 2 person who are very committed to making it lasts.

In other words, it takes a whole LOT of things to be committed and if you are currently in a relationship right now and have lasted for a very long time, props to you and your beau! Because it just mean, you are committed (COMMITTED to making it work and still stayed being committed to making it last!). And to us, single ladies and guys out there, well.. pat yourself on the back.. because you know what you want in life and that you are secure being fabulously single. So enjoy being single, because it will not be forever you are single! Live the life you want and when the time comes you start to settle down, embrace it! This is about enjoying your life to the fullest- being single and being in a relationship!

So when you ask me again what my current status is, here is my answer for you:

I'm currently fabulous being single and definitely not looking. But if you want to be my man, you'd better be an awesome one because I know what I deserve; and to change my status, you should be worth it! (All girls deserve so!)



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