Friday, July 8, 2011

My First purchase in Ensogo: Thousand Teas

E-coupon sites are sprouting in the Philippines shore for months now and it was a week ago when I decided to join the bandwagon and purchased my first e-coupon thru Ensogo. I thought it would be a hassle to purchase online but I was wrong. It was so easy to purchase and some of the deals were really enticing! So why not try scour online for some good deals?

Are you ready?? LETS GO!

Few tips before trying your first e-coupon purchase:

-E-coupon sites offer wide range of payment options: from bank deposits, Gcash, Credit card, office payment, Paypal and many more. So choose the most accessible to you but for me, I prefer payment via credit card since they would be able to check your payment ASAP and you can get your coupon quickly.

- Some sites also offer credit rebates if you purchase their deals. Some rebates go for 3-5% which you can use for your next deal purchase. Yay!

-Make sure to read their terms and condition. Some sites would require coupons be named under whom would use it personally and would even require establishment to show your ID. Ensogo on the other hand, doesn't require this. ( I made a mistake of using my dad's account and purchased 2 of my coupons under his name) but it was okay and I was to able to use it without any need of changing names. Hassle-free! :)

-watch out for promos and tie-ins! Some sites offer good deals where you can get free credits such as friend referrals, contest and so much more! So watch out for this! :)

My first time to purchase was when I saw Ensogo P99 deal on Thousand Teas (for a P200 worth GC) and decided to purchase 5 coupons using credit card option. And so far, I was able to redeem 2 of my coupons without any problems.

I just love Thousand teas is such a student friendly area where I could study peacefully and free-wifi! With wide range of drinks to choose from, some of their specialty are their milk teas and slushies. Food are also available from pasta, pastries,cakes and sandwiches.

Tuna Sandwich

Japanese Milk Tea

Caramel Slushie

Oreo Cheesecake

Don't you just love discounts! Definitely would be back for more!! :)

Thousand Teas
G/f Mezza Residences, Aurora Blvd.
corner Araneta Ave., Quezon City

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