Friday, July 8, 2011

Extending yourself

Ever had that moment when you suddenly asked yourself:" How can I be of help?"

Yes. I do. a lot of times.

But then I begin to contemplate how can I serve when I have nothing to give? How can I be the change when I have nothing to start with? These are the moment where we start to question if our capabilities and voice are enough to make a difference in this world. But we do. We all do have something in us that we can offer for that change to jump start. It just only takes us to see it for our own selves and realize that we can be that person who will rewrite the future of our nation building.

I am of a legal age, still dependent to my parents, a student and no earnings but my allowance. School takes up most of time and much as I would like to list down my accomplishments of how I was able to help those in need, reform poverty, solved hunger problem and diminish slavery- I have nothing to share but my simple story of how I realize I can be of change in the most simplest way I can.

Being a student is both wonderful and stressful at the same time. Having long days sitting inside the class, exams,paper works, thesis, laboratory and all sort of things makes you think that 24 hours isn't enough in a day. But life doesn't exist on the 4 corners of the classroom alone. When you realize there is so much more people are going through than your own problems in school- you realize that your life's problem are just superficial and you begin to see you are living life in vain.

It was through an organization I've learned to refocus myself that there are more things important than books and papers. Englicom, a fil-chi school organization in DLSU-Manila is a socio-civic oriented organization which both enriches student camaraderie, spreading consciousness and service outside the class through outreach, medical missions and other projects.
It was here where I realize that even if I have a small voice of wanting and needing change that when you find people who also have the same perspectives that you have; you all can make that voice be heard- loudly and mighty.

Englicom have several successful outreach and projects. Some of which includes:

Medical and Dental Check-up

Immersion and interaction projects

Family and youth visits DLSU
Youth Outreach

Orphanage immersion

Classroom repainting
We all came from a different background and even if our common thread is that we came from one school, I realized that there is more that connect us that we all have very much thing in common- the eagerness to extend ourselves to help.

It was because of this organization that I have learned to see how life changing it is to help. When each day has ended and the outreach was a success, you go home feeling much more fulfilled and a sense of joy within your heart. The smiles you received from the people, the thank you's, the little children who calls you "Ate", the simple nod of acknowledgement- these things are unpaid for and yet these are happiness that fills your heart forever.

It was these little steps that helped me find how I could be the change for the nation. It took me one moment to decide to join that organization and it totally changed me who I am now. Even beyond the organization, I began to volunteer myself on relief missions, or during weekends, out of the spur of the moment, would just go to PGH to visit and bring food to patients whom I never met yet. It's not about the food that they would be grateful for, but just the time and effort you have given to visit and talk to them are what they would be thankful for especially when you are just a stranger in the first meeting. This is paying it forward. You are blessed with a better life that you need to pay it forward to those who are less fortunate. This is the cycle of life.

So go ahead, try and volunteer. Ask what you can do to help. Donate your books and clothes when there are donation drive, go visit orphanages, donate blood and so much more. If we could all just find the way to extend ourselves in multiply it in 9 billion folds- the world will be a better place, would it not?

this is my official entry to a promo but decided to share it here. :)

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