Friday, May 20, 2011

Losing the extra pounds!

Pity how stagnant my blog for some decent blog post and so for today, I share to you what I've been doing this summer!


oh believe me, it's one of the hardest thing to do because:

1. No, I don't have the will to go on a diet.

2. and No, I don't want to lose the weight by pills nor procedures.

So, for me- It's the extra long hard way of simple science behind losing weight:

Calories input < Calories output

For me, it was hard to give up the food I crave for and most often time, when I start giving them up the more I binge the following weeks. No, I am not overweight. I just wanted to lose that extra pounds I gained from traveling, late night studies, dates and often food trips. My target was to lose at least 10lbs from my weight without sacrificing what I (love to) eat.

Besides losing the weight, one reason I wanted to lose the extra pounds was because I've started noticing how hard it is for me to keep up my stamina when playing sports. Easily getting tired, low endurance and weak muscles. And so I challenged myself and haul my ass to enroll myself in the gym for a month.

Target weight loss: 10-15lbs
Estimated length: 1-2 mos.
Food intake: ANY. Again, no rules on dieting. :)

My exercise routine at the gym starts with:

stretching- stretching your muscles helps minimize muscle tension during exercise and helps it start up for your exercise routine.

cardio- 30-40 mins. tredmill, 10-15 mins stepper/cycling followed by:

core- 4 sets of lunges, 2 set of planks and side planks,2 sets of jumping jacks, 1 set of dead weight, 1 set of knee exercise, 2 sets of squats, 1 set of obliques exercise.

weights- I use weights for my upper body since most of my other exercises concentrates on the lower body, this is the only way I can equalize my workout for my upper body. I do 2 sets of exercise for my biceps, triceps, forearm,shoulder. Dumbbell's weight I use are 5-10 lbs only. Women who wants to tone should remember: lesser weight, more sets. If you want a more bulky body: increase weight, lesser sets.

Overhead triceps

Bicep curls
machines- I only use 2 machines in the gym and these are for my lower body exercise particularly shin and calf exercise. 2 sets of each. I have a weak shin and there would be times when I jog or play badminton that it easily hurts after running/playing a few minutes so I started using this machine from first few weeks of 10 lbs, now I'm up on 12lbs. next week, I'm going for 15lbs. As for my calf, started with 10, then increased 5lbs every week. I'm now on 25lbs.

*each set: 20-30 reps.

After gym, if I have time, I'll use the sauna.10-15 mins (please, don't exceed and please, if you have any heart condition, lessen your stay at the sauna) Just to help cleanse the body and drain the extra water weight.

Because I don't have any diet plan, I don't rely on gym alone. I could work out hard on the gym and still, eat out all the calories (and even exceed) I burned on the same day. So aside from gym, I play sports as well. For me, Badminton and Table tennis are my additional exercises. Every night, we play badminton and table tennis; this helps me burn an additional 200-300 calories.

As for food, like I said I eat whatever I want, but I made conscious effort to stay away from coke, rice and sweets. But yes, I still eat like a pig. hahaha (wendy's baconator, anyone?) :) But yes, your body and mind starts to make its own conscious food choice. I craved less and less of what I love to eat (oily food, fastfood,etc) every day. Oh, and I added Banana on my diet as well as taking in multi-vitamins. Electrolytes is also a must for me for every workout. (Last week, my body gone fatigue because of electrolytes loss)

I'm now on my 3rd week and I can't believe I'm starting to notice changes in my body. Well, actually I didn't noticed it until my shorts started to look big on me and kept falling below my waist. (and true story: I used my shoelace as a belt. hahaha). Yes, I wasn't keen on seeing the changes on my body at first because my mind was set on the pounds at the weighing scale. Sure I started to see results on the 2 weeks on my exercise and started to lose lbs. but I panicked since my weight started to go on plateau and I stopped shredding pounds and ended up gaining back the extra 2 pounds! I mean I was working hard and eating less and only to gain 2 lbs! It was only later, when my trainer friend explained to me that my body has started gaining muscle weight! So that's the 2 lbs- muscle weight!! :) People also started to notice it as well and saying: I got thinner that was when I started to realize my exercise is paying off! AND I'M DARN PROUD OF IT! It was 3 weeks on non-stop work out! and IT PAID OFF!

I loss 8 lbs now. Noticed changes in my waist line, legs and arms and tummy! Now, I know how the extra 8lbs looks like on my body. (HAHAHA, yes! vanity of all vanity!)

( I don't have any decent before and after picture. But to show you how much 8lbs looks like):

This is me @ April 2011:

and me @ May 18,2011

Errr, I've really been dumbstruck-ed how big I look before and I swear, it caught me by surprise by how tone my body looks now than before. This is the proof that pure determination and commitment truly works. And this will be a reminder to myself, that if I put my heart on it, it can and will make it happen! :)

So guys, I share to you my own story, because no, there is no easy way in losing the weight. I don't believe in diets (unless you want to loss it and gain it back. read: YO-YO DIET) and yes, if I can do it, everyone can do it. YES, let me be your example. You know why? Because I am one of the same people who hates giving up their fraps, chocolates, fast foods, and those yummy fried foods. So in order for me to still eat what I love, I increased my exercises. I burned more to compensate for what I eat. Calories output > Calories input. and I'm no different to anyone who just wish to lose the extra pounds. I would never imagine myself looking va-va-voom or having 6-pack abs. I just want to be fit and have a healthier lifestyle. Healthy living is the way to go kids!

Now my challenge to myself is to lose the next 2 lbs and at least hit my target before school starts. It's a little sad that school is starting as well. No more gyms or exercises since I'll be moving back to Manila once school starts. I need to find a new workout that would help me maintain what I've started here. :)

I wish this entry helps! :)


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