Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cagayan De Oro- White water Rafting

A month ago, I spent my birthday in a place I've never been before- Cagayan De Oro City.

The city known for White Water rafting; and yes, we went there for that reason alone. Because mom wants to raft again... :) It was my mom 2nd time while me and dad's 1st.
When trying out White water rafting, there are several rafting companies offering packages costing from P700-3000 depending on the level you want to try (Beginner, Advance, Extreme). Sadly, I wanted to try the extreme level however after calling 5 companies, no schedules are available since they weren't able to have the minimum number of people for the extreme rafting. So we ended up with Red raft company and doing the advance level.

This was our ride Jeep carrying our rafts

Quick detour at Makahambus Cave (a once hideout of Filipino during the Phil-American war)

Me and dad

At the other side of the cave, you can view the stretch of Cagayan De Oro river

Funny how small the world is, one lady from the other group who was with us in the jeep was a former classmate at DLSU. We said Hi with each other and made some chitchat. But I regret not getting her names. oops.

Without further ado.. let the photos tell the story..

Instructions Instructions!

One of our guide!

High Five!

Surf's up!

A nature's wonder!

Big rocks+ me= JUMP JUMP JUMP!

A total of 4 hours of rafting, 21 rapids + extras, and a whole day in the sun, made us all tired and hungry. Finally, we were able to finish the rafting and drop at the end point where lunch awaits!

Sugpo, inihaw na manok and inihaw na isda! (sorry, I ate already before I remember to take picture! haha :))

After lunch, I saw these kids jumping over the bridge and decided to ask our guides if its safe and if we can also do it... and he said yes!

hahaha and so BASE JUMPING it is!

It's almost 15 meters high! and the scary thing about it was we didn't know if there are rocks below it. The kids didn't have any worries since they weigh much lighter and wouldn't submerse that much. So the guide asked us to wear our vest as precaution so that we wouldn't reach the river's floor.

It was definitely an adventurous day at CDO! But then again, one must pay for the fun...


I'm starting to love traveling around the Philippines! So much potential, so much to experience, so much to see, it's such a waste why we, Filipinos never see the beauty of our own land! I promise, traveling locally is much cheaper and fun too!

Till the next one! :)


Akiko said...

Hello Touch, thanks for sharing with us your experience, I hope you guys really enjoyed water rafting here in Cagayan de Oro.

Cagayan de Oro Rafting

jamie said...

hey akiko, it was definitely a fun trip! will be back to try the extreme! :)

Anonymous said...

Water rafting Cagayan de Oro is indeed great! That's why many people are flocking to CdeO for this rare euphoric outdoor experience!