Sunday, March 13, 2011

When I decided to learn how to cook

I've said to myself I wanted to learn how to cook but would always lack the initiative to do so and then would forget it until I start the whole cycle again.

So when I learned about 25 Mushroom Kitchen I just knew this was it. I shall start to learn how to cook!

25 Mushrooms Kitchen was created with the vision of training househelp to be confident in the kitchen so that they may have the ability to prepare tasty and well-balanced meals for families.

Well, yep. 25 Mushroom kitchen was supposedly for training househelp to cook but don't fret since a lot of housewives, individuals who just want to learn how to cook also enroll themselves in the class. In fact last week in the American cuisine, one of my classmate was Connie Reyes. So 25 Mushroom Kitchen is definitely open to all class of citizen- rich or poor.
Well me, this kind of cooking is what I was looking for and not those expensive cooking class ( which I can't afford with my meager allowance. hahaha). So besides cheap fee, what I love about 25 mushroom kitchen is it's a small group per cooking, food tasting, free take home, good tips about cooking, and it's laid-back. But mind you, this cooking class is not a one stove per student class, you get to watch the chef cook and if you are not shy enough to raise your hand and participate with the cooking. But don't worry since for every class, you get a chance to make your own food that you get take home or eat at class.

Classes go for:
P1,100/day- for Basic & Advanced Courses
Full Course Rate P4000/month - Basic & Advanced Course (once a week for 4 weeks)
Inclusive of all ingredients

You can choose from: Chinese,Vietnamese,Korean,American, Kid's lunch,Oriental Dinner, Mexican,Mongolian BBQ, Filipino and a whole lot more!

Here are some food take from my American class:


Yummy Burger and Parmesan fries

Fish and Chips!

My Own (made) burger! :)

My verdict: It's sulit to try their Classes! People are nice, food are yummy and if you really want to try cooking, don't be shy to enroll yourself! and who knows, maybe we could be classmates at one class! :)


(I'm cooking baby back ribs now!)



Shout out to Miss Sara and 25 Mushroom Kitchen group! :)

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Joey G said...

Ate pwede din ba lalake dyan. Baka ekward naman kung ako lang ang lalake. hehe