Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Davao Davao Davao!

I've fallen in love with Davao City once,twice and many times over. I would even believe that maybe in past life, I could've been a Davaeno. (or maybe an adopted davaeno! hahaha) Well, who wouldn't love Davao when:

  • Most areas have free wi-fi.
  • Honest taxi cabs and you can actually get their company number and text them to go pick you up without additional payments!
  • Davao is definitely for the foodies! CHEAP AND YUMMY!
  • and also for the adventure freaks! White water rafting, Ziplines, wakeboard, snorkeling, mountain climbing, and so much more!
  • Everywhere you go in Davao, everything is just 15 minutes away! (so true!)
  • Davao is just near Samal island, Gen San and other neighboring cities. Easy access to other province!
  • Nanay Bebeng's chicharon bulaklak is worth to go back to DAVAO!!!! (and I'm more than happy to have met Nanay Bebeng herself and she thought I was one of her grandchildren.. :))
Photo Sharing ahead!!!

DECA wakeboarding

Abs anyone? hahahahaha

Chemas resort during a passing storm

and after..
Chemas is seriously one laid-back resort I love!
and you can even snorkel near the shore(yup, it's that nice!)
and was able to met the owner of Chemas, such an Amazing guy to talk to!

Kilawen Tanigue!

Pork Sisig!

Johnny's cupcake!!

View of Davao
One of the best views from the beautiful home of Tito Sonny.

Pine trees!

Above the clouds!
Ziplining from one of the longest and highest ziplines!

Civet beans, one of the most expensive coffee beans around the world!

and then trying it out for myself!

and one last Nanay Bebeng surprise before leaving Davao!

Tadaaaah! lots and lots of Chicharon Bulaklak! I. died. HAPPY. :)

I *heart* Davao!

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