Tuesday, November 16, 2010


A picture that makes your heart hurt.

There's a story behind this photo.

Photo was taken at Nanay Bebeng's resto at Davao City. After almost 3 hrs of buffet ( the food was to die for! *literally and figuratively*). I had 3 bowls of 'CHICHARON BULAKLAK' (fried pork intestine). oh my....... the fats, the cholesterol, the fats, the cholesterooooool!!!! Now you know why this photo makes my heart hurt.. hahahahaha.. I went on a 'food coma' as my friends calls it (which I call sleeping after meal!).

But I want to go back to Davao and do it all over again!

Good food, good companions, great activities, great city!

PS. Food in Davao is soooo darn cheap! the buffet at Nanay Bebeng cost less than 300 bucks ( $7)!

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